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A Great Way to Quit Your Job

There may come a point in your life when the dearest wish of your heart is to quit your job in style, and we can probably all understand your motivation.

If you have enjoyed your role and are simply moving on to pastures new, then you might want to mark the occasion with some creative token, however if you haven’t enjoyed your role then the need becomes a lot more urgent.

With so much water under the bridge, and so many things left unsaid, how could you leave without finally saying your piece?

Thats exactly what Chloe McClaren did upon leaving her job as receptionist at ad agency to pursue a career in radio.

Her controversial little video begins with her lip syncing to ‘Spice Girls- Goodbye’, which turns out to be something of a Trojan horse as Chloe quickly drops the beat into a Rap… leaving no one in any doubt of exactly what she thought of them!

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