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Basic Tips on attending a Jobs Fair

people-networking-eventIf you’re on the lookout for a new job, one of the best things you can do is attend a jobs fair. These take place all across the country and their aim is the same – to provide a place where employers can directly connect and engage with prospective employees. Some employers may use the fairs as a way to help with their bulk or seasonal recruitment whilst others use them as a way of potentially finding candidates for niche or specialist roles. As a potential candidate, it’s up to you to make the most out of the day and the opportunities it can bring. These basic tips on attending a jobs fair should hopefully help.

Research in advance

When it comes to job fairs, preparation is everything. The jobs fair organisers will more than likely be able to advise you in advance of who the exhibitors will be. If it’s not outlined on any promo material, it may be worthwhile calling them to enquire. The reason? Well, you can then do a little research on the attendees. Check out their various company websites, read up on any recent news articles about them, look at their social media accounts. The more info you can gather in advance, the more knowledgeable you will appear when you check out their stand and engage with them at the fair. This in turn may help you stand out as a worthy and interesting candidate.

Image matters

As we all know first impressions do count for a lot and therefore you are likely to make a much better first impression to an employer if you look the part. We’re not suggesting of course that you don your best interview clothes, however being smartly dressed and looking professional will certainly help you make a positive impression to any employers. A casual smart dress code is probably the best course of action and generally the safest bet all round!

Be equipped

It’s always important to be fully equipped when you attend a jobs fair. By that we mean that you have plenty of copies of your CV as well as a notebook and pen to record any names and numbers or info about particular jobs or companies. You ought to be able to produce a CV should an employer or recruiter ask for it – emailing a copy afterwards is all well and good , however if you are looking to gauge initial reaction and get instant feedback, you can do this so much better when you present an employer with a hard copy.

Personality counts

At most jobs fairs there may be hundreds, potentially thousands of other attendees. Standing out amongst so many other candidates can therefore often prove to be difficult. It is vital then that you ensure that your personality shines through in all your interactions with prospective employers. This is not the time for sullen facial expressions – an employer will be seeking  candidates who are friendly and who appear genuinely interested in what they are saying. Having good interpersonal skills and an ability to strike up a rapport are absolutely essential traits which you ought to demonstrate on the day.

Attending a jobs fair soon?

We hope that these basic tips on attending a jobs fair should hopefully help.


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