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Employee Time and Talent Wasted By Systematic Inefficiencies

How much of your time and talent is wasted at work due to systemic inefficiencies?  

We imagine it’s something that most people wonder on a regular basis but have little or no control over.

Access Group has recently released a report which apparently sheds some light on the scale of the problem within British businesses; it highlights some substantial, though not altogether surprising statistics.  The survey was completed with assistance from 2,000 workers over the timeage of 18, all employed in one of the following sectors; PR, Marketing, Advertising, Media, Events, Accounting, Legal, HR, Recruitment, Management, Construction and Engineering, Facilities Management, IT Software, and Field Service and Hire

Perhaps the most significant figure amongst this report is that 32% of UK workers have felt so frustrated with the amount of time wasted completing tasks because of inefficient systems, that they have actually considered switching jobs, or changing career entirely.  In 2015, that is a startling statistic: one must marvel, that in a world so outwardly obsessed with efficiency, and maximising the potential of every moment, such ineffectual systems and work practices are allowed to continue.  

viral6As bleak as this figure is, it forms just the tip of the proverbial iceberg in terms of workers angst about productivity inefficiencies and the impact that these have on numerous aspects of their work and personal lives.

Here are a few of the main findings related to time wastage described by the report, which serve to illustrate the gravity of the problem.

  • 30% of those surveyed admitted missing a special occasion because of the unacceptable length of time taken to complete administrative tasks.  Of the total group surveyed 12.4% had Time 2missed a family get-together, 9.05% had missed a partner’s birthday, and 8.3% had missed their child’s birthday.
  • As many as 66% of employees in the UK workers believe their time is wasted on a daily basis because of the inefficiencies of business systems.
  • 32% of workers waste 2 – 3 hours of their work day as a result of inefficiencies

Evidence of more chronic business issues also surfaced within the report, suggesting a more worrying pattern of mistrust and frustration that goes far and beyond the realms of mere time-wasting.

Mistakes Indeed a massive 51% of respondents stated that they are not entirely confident in the data within the internal systems of their companies as a result of the inefficient business processes being enacted.

The whole thing paints a rather negative picture of employee experiences regarding business systems, and one which employers cannot afford to ignore.  Unnecessary stresses and strains can have an enormous detrimental impact on all manner of operational issues, and should be as much a concern for businesses as they are for their workers!

For more information on the survey undertaken by Access Group, check out the report here.


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