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Preparing for Interview – Basic Tips

research-325Been invited for interview? Well done! You’ve already impressed the employer – your CV has served its purpose. It doesn’t stop there though. If you’re going to secure that job offer you’ll need to keep on impressing the employer by giving it your all at the interview. One of the best ways to ensure you do this is by the work you put in beforehand – that all important preparation. These basic tips on preparing for interview should hopefully help…

Swot up on the company

Although you may already know a little about the company you’ve applied to, for interview purposes, you’ll need to know quite a bit more. Most organisations will ask you what you know about them. It won’t be enough to simply answer with a basic one line response. You ought to spend some time in advance of the interview in doing some more thorough research. Have a look at their websites, their company blogs and their social media accounts. Check online for any interesting articles or news or even for info about their competitors. The more research and knowledge that you gain, the better.

Research the Role

You may already feel that you know the ins and outs of the role as it may be very similar to what you’ve done before, however there may be still some subtle differences. Never assume! It would be fine to ask for a job description in advance of the interview or failing that to perhaps review the job advertisement or spec in detail as many of the key duties and responsibilities ought to be outlined. It may also be worthwhile doing a little research on other people who have worked in that organisation in that particular role. Look at LinkedIn profiles or simply ask around. You may have friends or family who could help you get a little insider info on the specifics of the job in hand.

Get your answers ready

Whilst you can never accurately predict every question you are likely to be asked, there are some questions which may be virtually guaranteed. Spend some time in assessing what these questions are likely to be and then get your answers ready. Think of good examples for any competency questions you may be potentially asked. Make sure that you always use examples which portray you in the most positive light and which fully highlight your skills and experience to an employer. Our tips on some of the most frequently asked interview questions should also help you along.

Prepare the Practicals

Don’t wait until the day of the interview itself to prepare some of the more practical elements required for your interview. For example, why rush around on the morning of your interview trying to get something suitable to wear when you could have your interview clothing all ready for you – clean and freshly pressed. As for getting to the interview, make sure that you spend time in advance of the interview in assessing how you will get there. Check bus and train times, or best driving routes should you be taking the car. Always prepare for the unexpected though – traffic delays, bad weather, car problems – these things can and do happen so give yourself a little extra time to take account of any such eventualities.

We hope that these basic tips on preparing for interview will help the event itself go as smooth as possible. Got any other tips that you’d like to share? Why not let us know via the comments below…



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