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5 easy ways to use Social Media to find a Job

It’s often difficult to understand how and why you can use social media to search and apply for jobs. After all, the tried and tested job searching techniques of the past seem to have done a good enough job so far!

However, using social media to find a job perhaps isn’t a suitable alternative to job searching online, or using a recruitment agency to find employment – it’s a constituent part of the process that can help your overall employability and chances of success.

With this in mind, here are 5 quick-fire and easy ways that you can use social media to help you find employment.

Be careful what you say & show

It might seem pretty obvious to most that your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and so forth can have an impact on your job application success. Many Recruiters (rightly or wrongly) research an applicant via Google to find out the good and potentially bad things that they have not been savvy enough to hide from prying eyes. If you can be found via your Social Media networks and the type of stuff you say and show is potentially controversial or not particularly PC, appreciate that this might put off some, if not most employers.

Keep things updated

job seeking musicIf you use LinkedIn or any other business networking platform make sure that your profile is updated to highlight both your current skills and experiences, but also your current job status. Now, we are not suggesting you highlight that you are currently looking for a job – that might be a bad idea especially if you are already employed, but if you are in-between jobs, update your status to highlight that your last job has finished and you are ‘on the market’ again. Updating your status can be a subtle way of signposting employers towards your availability.

Tell Friends you are actively looking

Leading on from this, make sure that if you are on the hunt for a new job you let your friends and family know this. Gone are the days of calling everyone to make this happen, use your private messaging functions Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on, to update them on your current situation. Of course, if you are also ‘in-between’ jobs, you can, if you think it appropriate, be more vocal regarding your situation – a tweet or profile status update may be all it takes to let your nearest and dearest (and random friends from school) know you are on the hunt for a position. You might be surprised at some of the opportunities and doors this might open.

Use your Network

Go out of your way to start following or connecting with appropriate business contacts you’ve made along your career journey to date. Making connections and building a strong business networknetworking can be a great way of creating opportunities. Also – apart from individual contacts – follow business accounts via Twitter or even ‘target’ employers / personnel points of contacts. Personnel departments or Recruiters are always on the hunt for suitably skilled and experienced job-seekers.

Create a Blog

What better way to show your knowledge or work background than by writing and blogging about it. It’s not too tough to write one or two blog posts per week highlighting the type of subjects that a prospective employer would be keen to hear about. Therefore blogging can be a great way of not only becoming more versed with a subject, but also putting yourself out there in the public domain as a person of note within a specific sector. By sharing these blogs via social media, you are sharing your calling card with potential employers!


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