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27 reasons why you are not getting that job

Why Recruiters Don't Call YouSometimes its not easy to work out why you didn’t either get shortlisted for ‘that job’ that you’d applied for, or once on interview, why you didn’t end up getting offered the job itself. Tough as it may seem it might be an opportunity to try and analyse your own job-seeking performance, so to help a little, we have listed below 27 reasons why you are not getting that job. Read over the list and take an honest appraisal – could any of these possible reasons be true?

  • You don’t have the right skills
  • You don’t have the right experience
  • You fail to make a good impression at interview
  • You think you will fail
  • There were better applicants
  • You interviewed badly
  • You are over confident at interview
  • You generally do not make a great first impression
  • You misheard an important interview question
  • You failed the psychometric test at interview
  • Your CV is not up to scratch
  • Your CV was full of grammatical mistakes
  • You CV is out of date and not updated
  • There were better applicants shortlisted
  • You don’t have a driving licence and you need to drive for the job!
  • Your Facebook profile might put employers off
  • You overly criticized an old employer at interview
  • You didn’t create a job specific CV
  • You are applying for jobs that you aren’t suitable for
  • You are getting bad references from past employers
  • You have unrealistic expectations on how good your work history is
  • You don’t have the correct education background or qualifications
  • You think your qualifications will guarantee you employment of your choice
  • You are applying for jobs not close to where you live
  • You are applying for jobs in other countries
  • Your IT skills are not up to scratch
  • Your hobbies and interest offered little to said employer

Well, in hindsight, any of the above ring true perhaps?


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