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Top tips for spotting, attracting and hiring the best!

It’s common knowledge that we all want the best candidates, but what can often happen is recruiters and companies don’t always put in that special effort in order to, one – attract the best candidates, and two – actually then be able to hire them. What needs to be remembered to kick start the new year with maximum success is to spend the time reaching out, attracting and hiring desired candidates, because if you don’t someone else will! New Year is a busy time for recruitment agencies, so here’s some tips from executive search company Collingwood to kick start 2016.


Although this may be an obvious choice, there is no doubt that LinkedIn is an exceptional tool to seek out the most suitable and talented candidates. If you are in the recruitment stages then job searchLinkedIn is a brilliant starting point, it gives you the means to search for specified candidates based on your preferred characteristics and job requirements. LinkedIn profiles say a lot about a person, so utilise this from the offset in order to make a start in spotting your candidates.

Tell your story

Gone are the days where people just select a job that will simply ‘pay the bills’, although this factor still applies, it is just one of the few other factors that entice a candidate to a role or job. Your brand culture, what you stand for and what you can personally offer to your employees is something a candidate will regard highly, so be sure to tell your story and give candidates a good reason to work for you or your company.

Go above and beyond

Generally speaking, our days are becoming busier and busier, life consists of much more than just a job, so what is really key in attracting and hiring the best candidate is having the capacity to offer more than just a ‘9-5’, you should be open to alternate work schedules and hours, and encourage all kinds of candidates to take the opportunity. This will make for more diversity among staff viral 15members, and will work towards creating a better working environment.

Invest your time into their personal development

Investing some time into developing an employee within their role is a highly desired attribute, especially with how competitive jobs have become. By offering this kind of training and development, you’re more likely to hold onto your employees and also attract new ones. The best and most sought after candidates are not likely to want to join a team and to have the same responsibilities for an extended amount of time, the best candidate will have a thirst and enthusiasm to progress and develop!

Take note of these top tips for recruiting the best possible candidates this year, so that you start as you mean to go on, with a bang!


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