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Do You Want to Win Your ‘Bonus’ This Year? by Kush Shukla – Business strategist, trainer & Executive Coach

A wise uncle of mine, who sadly passed away some years ago, asked me to listen to some words of wisdom that he read out from a calendar. It said this………“If you love the work that you do, then that’s a bonus”.  He advised me that I should always work to get my bonus….

I was a young boy at that time who had just started secondary school and I thought, “How odd!”. I naïvely thought that everyone in the world loved what they did for a living and that was the reason why they went into their specific professions in the first place. How wrong I was and how I learned the hard way when I started my profession as an Accountant.

After 16 long, hard years working as an Accountant and trying to qualify, I took the brave step to leave my profession and start my own business in corporate training, helping companies to improve and grow and helping people to become better in what they wished for. This was no easy decision as Accountancy is a market that survives in any recession and thrives well in any boom. People will always need Accountants in good or bad economies.

I was also enjoying 2 to 3 exotic holidays a year and could have prospered to senior positions, paying 6-figure sums if stayed and concentrated on my accountancy career. However, each day was torturous for me and something had to give. It was either my profession or my mental and physical health because I hated every day or my working life.

Don’t get me wrong! I was really good at my job, but I hated sitting behind a desk all day, number crunching numbers and getting into the detail of it. I am a bigger picture person rather than the minute details man. I enjoy interacting with as many people as I can. I enjoy understanding why people think and behave in the way that they do and how they can improve their ways of thinking and behaving that will help them achieve more than they ever dreamt about. I also have a knack of quickly understanding the problems people and companies have and implementing the very best solutions that will ease their pain.

Confucius once said “People are all the same. Only their habits are different”. In other words, what he was saying is that we are all different. The way we all think, the way we process information using our senses and also the way we communicate. Hence, we are not all going to be good at everything, nor are we going to enjoy doing the things that others like doing. Hence, the reason why we all aren’t accountants, lawyers, plumbers or any other profession. We need a diverse range of people and professions, so that we can find the right experts for the job and so that we can get more done in less time.

The experts in the field and the most successful tend to be those who enjoy the work that they do, so that it doesn’t feel like work for them. Ask any successful person and they will probably agree with this – whether it’s Richard Branson, Madonna, Lord Alan Sugar, Oprah Winfrey or the Dalai Lama.

As you may know, the ONS officially reported that the unemployment rate for December, 2011 was 8.3 per cent of the economically active population, up 0.4 on the quarter. There were 2.64 million unemployed people, up 128,000 on the quarter. The unemployment rate is the highest since 1996 and the number of unemployed people is the highest since 1994.

Why am I telling you such depressing news, which I’m sure you don’t want to be reminded of? The answer is that we have a serious problem on our hands – and the “we” means you and me and everyone else, for that matter, here in the UK and in Europe, which will have a serious impact on everyone.

When more and more people face hard times, it has a negative social affect. Crime increases and people’s tolerance and patience to one another decreases. Hence, the mood of society becomes acrid. We evidenced this in the recent riots.

So what can we all collectively do about this and buck the trend, so that we all enjoy the work that we do and enjoy being in a worthwhile vocation?

A guest post by Kush Shukla

About Kush…

I believe that everyone has a talent and that there are many talented people walking around who are not utilising their own knowledge, skills and talents to maximum effect or with a real purpose that will not only help them to achieve success, but also help others to a better life.

If you have an idea or talent that will benefit mankind and help society to be better, then get in touch with me, so that knowledge can turn into action. People say that knowledge is power. I believe that knowledge is only power if that knowledge is applied for a positive purpose. If you believe that you have certain skill sets, abilities, talents and ideas and want to put them to use or want to connect with others who do have certain talents that will compliment and support you and your ideas, then get in touch with me and let’s create something wonderful.

P.S. Please only get in touch with me if you are serious about taking control of your life this year and want to take action in order to create some positive change.

P.P.S.   Don’t waste your talents or your time. Get moving!

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