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How To Make Sure Your Company is an Attractive Place to Work

When it comes to the employment sector, there is plenty of advice for jobseekers looking to impress at an interview and make their mark on prospective employers. Whilst the common perception is that the interviewer calls the shots, in order to secure – and retain – the best candidates, companies also need to have plenty to offer in return. To help you ensure that your company is an attractive place to work, here are some vital things that quality candidates will look for.

Fair Pay

Money isn’t the be-all and end-all, but it is essentially the reason that most of us go to work in the first place. There is no denying that, with two job offers on the table, pay will serve as a deciding935588_paper_money_people factor for the majority of candidates, so it is crucial to offer salaries that are not only fair but also competitive. Before embarking on the recruitment process, carry out thorough research into the pay standards for your particular industry and use these as a benchmark. Wages should also reflect the amount of work – and responsibility – that a job role entails, and a performance-related bonus scheme can help to motivate your workforce on a continual basis.

Opportunity to Progress

In addition to a fair pay packet, ambitious candidates will be looking for plenty of opportunity to progress in their specific role. A crucial part of nurturing growth is recognizing both strengths and weaknesses on an individual level, setting targets accordingly and providing regular and structured feedback, which can easily be managed and scheduled using specialised HR software such as Talentsoft. Employee analysis should also be accompanied by relevant training opportunities and a clear path to personal and professional development wherever possible.

Pleasant Company Culture

With such a large percentage of our waking hours spent at work, it is only logical that the working environment plays a role in determining how long employees choose to stay with a certain viral 38company. By investing in company culture, employers can therefore improve their staff retention rates. One part of a positive environment is a strong team spirit, which can be promoted through regular team events. Equally, it is important to foster a culture whereby everyone’s opinion is valued. Encourage suggestions and ideas from your employees, and take the time to listen to and implement them where possible.

Honest Leadership

When it comes to running a company, it is often said that communication is key, and this is particularly important for establishing a positive relationship between leaders and employees. In order handstalkto fully understand and support the company’s mission, employees need to be regularly informed about goals, changes, achievements and shortcomings. Whilst sharing anything other than positive news may seem counterintuitive, if your team members feel like they’re being kept in the dark, motivation and morale will quickly fall. An honest, transparent approach is actually much more constructive – and valuable – from an employee’s perspective.

Comfortable Working Space

Last but not least, the physical working environment can also influence how your employees feel about coming into work. Whilst swanky, state-of-the-art offices are not an option for every company, there are many easy ways to ensure your team are comfortable at work; good lighting, supportive chairs, cheerful décor and good kitchen facilities can all go a long way to creating a pleasant and productive workplace.


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