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Southend Broadening Career Horizons With 60 Minute Mentor Programme

Here at TheEmployable we are always delighted to hear about initiatives which are helping people to discover and learn about the career opportunities which are open to them.

That’s why we were especially pleased to see that Southend-on-Sea Borough Council is taking a proactive approach to making sure that students within the council area are as well informed as possible about all of the great career prospects which are open to them.

60 Minute Mentor Programme

This is a really ambitious programme which utilises the skills and experience of local businesses and organisations to help spread career knowledge and inspiration to students within the borough.

60mmThe 60 Minute Mentor Programme highlights and promotes the vast range of career opportunities which are open to young people throughout the local area.  It’s a completely free programme and compliments each school’s existing careers department to further develop young people’s awareness and understanding of life beyond school and full-time education.

How does it work?

Well-suited individuals from a local business give a small amount of their time to visit a participating school and provide students with insights into their industry- some of those available so far include areas as diverse as accountancy and event planning.

Alternatively, mentors can provide essential career and employment advice covering things like interview techniques, CVs, cover letter writing tips, and so forth.

This is a great opportunity for both local businesses and schools to foster closer links and create a community-led approach to educating young people about work and career prospects within the Southend area.

As this is a relatively new project, the local council is working very hard to spread the word throughout the area so that as many schools and businesses as possible are able to get involved.

This is a great opportunity for schools and local businesses to demonstrate how, by working together, they can create a strong and lasting legacy for the future of young people in the area.

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Get involved!

The team are especially keen to hear from any local schools which are not yet involved, and also those from the business community who feel they have the know-how to help local young people to find the career path that is right for them.

They are on the lookout for mentors from every discipline but have particular need of people working in Hair and beauty, Childcare, Retail, Catering, as well as Doctors, Nurses, GPs, Vets & Veterinary nurses, Dentists, Carers, Personal Trainers, and those working in transport.

Any schools or people from the local business community who would like to get involved with the 60 Minute Mentor programme, should contact Rosie at Southend-on-Sea Borough Council for more information.  RosiePowley@southend.gov.uk


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