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Make multi-site offices work with simple technology changes

Today’s business landscape has changed; developing and progressing to a more modern way of thinking and working. With so many companies now having offices in various locations both across the country and the world, you might find that members of your team are in different locations, but collaboration is still required on key tasks.

Quite often you’ll find that travelling and spending hours wasted on trains or even planes is expected, in order for these teams to work together. This is a big drain on a company’s resources. With a need to drive productivity, managers and executives are now trying to find new ways to help employees perform to their best. But what is the solution, and where do companies start?

Office technology

marketingFor most organisations it is technology that should be your main priority. While this may be a surprise, it is one area that doesn’t require huge upheavals to the way the business works to really provide impressive changes.

Utilising creative and helpful technology can boost productivity and help the performance of your business on a daily basis. With so many different options now available, there is a solution for every business, no matter what industry or size.

Implementing simple but effective technology solutions is an investment in the future of productive working across multi-site offices.

Conferencing tools

If your work environment requires you to be in a different location to other colleagues or you simply have multiple offices across the country, the power of conferencing tools can shorten the distance significantly. With business conferencing tools, you can communicate quickly and freelancer 2effectively across a number of sites, which could have a very beneficial effect on your business.

Applying such solutions into your daily work routine could bring a number of benefits. It would drastically reduce the need for travel, saving staff time and company expenses, as colleagues can interact seamlessly even from opposite sides of the world. This could, in turn, create more productive meetings as teams or departments can work through problems and discussions as though face-to-face.

Having conferencing equipment in your office could even set you at an advantage against your competitors; being able to make speedy decisions rather than waiting days or weeks for a group meeting.

Flexible office environments

It’s also important to remember that some employees, such as sales teams, need to be out on the road, working from various locations. It’s vital to make sure that those not in the main office do still remain connected and in communication with the rest of the company.

A hosted desktop can provide a solution to this particular problem. Virtual technology like hosted desktops allow employees to have their work data and applications accessible from any internet-enabled device. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world; you can still access your data away from your desk.

Written by Adrienne Topping from office technology experts Midshire




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