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Interviewing on SKYPE

ICAC_Building_Video_Interview_RoomInterviewing on SKYPE

Technology has changed the workplace in countless ways which would have been unimaginable event a decade ago. Most have made work life more convenient.

One example of how technology has helped is being able to conduct an interview via SKYPE, the free audio and video ‘telephone’ service. This is fabulous when it would otherwise be difficult for both parties to connect and can save both time and money in travel expenses.

But a SKYPE interview is not without its potential pitfalls. The following tips can help avert them.


An interviewee may be speaking to a prospective employer from the comfort of their bedroom but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t dress as though they were attending an interview in person. It is important to be well groomed and presentable without wearing anything that could be distracting.

It’s also a good idea to be fully-dressed. In other words, don’t wear a smart jacket on top and pyjama bottoms below. It may be necessary to get up for something for the interview, causing your attire to be noticed.


It’s a good idea to practice how to present a CV verbally which means going through the document and deciding how best to present the information. This is especially true when detailing any training you’ve undertaken.

The vocational variety which is delivered by companies like TutorCare Ltd can come across as sounding dry and mechanical although it is very valuable for any employer. Going through a practice run taking care to highlight how training is relevant to the job being applied for is a wise idea in order to bring it to life.


SKYPE interviews are on the rise but that doesn’t mean that the correct professional etiquette has caught up yet. It’s amazing how many people who are preparing for a SKYPE interview forget their environment. Friends and family don’t mind about the scruffy posters on the wall or the messy book shelf but if an employer notices distractions like these it could present an unprofessional and careless image.

It is wise to make sure that there is nothing within the camera view that could give an unfavourable impression. Opt for a plain background to your interview location so that the interviewer can focus on you and nothing else.


Wear headphones to minimise feedback and maintain eye contact as much as possible.

A SKYPE interview limits points of contact and reduces the impact of body language so it’s vital to be firm with the contact which is possible – the eyes.






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