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10 Top Workplace Perks You Need to Look For

Most people have simple job searching criteria. They just want something—anything—in their field. Others create stipulations like “close enough to commute” or “pays more.” But if you’re using only these criteria, you could be missing out on some truly great opportunities.

This top ten list of workplace perks from Company Folders reveals the amazing benefits you can have if you dare to dream big enough.


You might be a morning person, or you may do your best work at night. Since peak productive times vary between people, many companies offer flexibility to let you work when you’re most focused.

Paid time off

Most companies offer at least some paid time off, but they may not react well to employees using it. Look for companies that provide extra time or vacation bonuses to help employees recharge.

Corporate outings

Corporate conferences and meet-ups let you learn new skills, network with industry leaders, and explore new places—on the company’s dime. More playful outings include exotic retreats or backyard barbecues.

Free food

Eating out is costly, but prepping food at home is time consuming. Plus, you have to find a time and place to eat that won’t gross out your coworkers. Companies that offer free food alleviate the stress of meeting this basic need.

Gifts and services

Work leaves little time for errands like housecleaning or cool extras like attending a concert. Free gifts and services show appreciation for employees by meeting day-to-day needs or offering a fun pick-me-up.

Health programs

Staying fit is tough when you sit at a desk all day—which is why some companies offer paid gym memberships, office sports teams, and better health insurance to help you stay in shape.

Mental healthcare

Employees often fear mental health issues will jeopardize their jobs, even though fully 50% of adults endure mental health crises. Companies are now working to remove this stigma through mental health programs.

Remote work

Today’s digital age lets companies save money on office space when non-client facing employees work remotely. You’ll spend less time and money commuting—and kiss your dress code goodbye.


Childcare costs a staggering $11,666 annually in the U.S., and working parents often miss kids’ events. Some companies now help parents stay involved in family life with free childcare, baby bonuses, and adoption assistance.


Sometimes, you just need to unwind from work-related stress. Which is why brands are letting employees blow off steam with entertainment options like game rooms and puppy play days.

Have you seen a cool workplace perk that we missed? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.



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