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Employee Engagement: Warning Signs to Watch Out For & Facts to Know

We tend to think of the interview process as a one-way street, with the company testing to see if the candidate is a good fit. In reality, the interview process lets job seekers feel out their potential working environment and make sure they’ll be happy in the role.

This job satisfaction leads to employee engagement, one of the most important factors in determining your career success. Company Folders aims to highlight the truth about how employee engagement impacts you—even before you start a job.

Know disengagement affects companies

Nearly 3 in every 4 employees are disengaged at work, costing employers an estimated $350 billion annually. Since this population is more likely to quit, employers also spend about 20% of their salaries to replace them. With disengagement costing so much, employers are cracking down and looking for driven, hardworking candidates.

Understand the causes

It’s hard to stay motivated in an environment that fosters disengagement. Employees disengage when they Happy 1000feel unfulfilled; they may lack challenges, work too many hours, or just be bored. During the interview process, consider whether the company’s work will be fulfilling for you. Additionally, a company’s non-monetary benefits—such as advancement opportunities and flexibility—are good indicators of an engaging work environment.

Recognize the warning signs

You may have an opportunity to interact with some employees—or at least to walk past their offices—before accepting a job. Notice their behavior. Talking a lot, playing games, or surfing the web are signs of a high disengagement rate at that company. Which is fine if you’re planning on being disengaged yourself. But if you take your career seriously, you may want to keep looking.

Watch for positive motivation

While you should be on the lookout for signs of disengagement, it’s important to look at the other side: how does your potential employer motivate people? Some companies offer external rewards, others team-building opportunities. You’ll also want to notice how managers motivate employees on an internal, personal level. When bosses take an interest in employees’ goals or let them try new things without fear of failure, their team is much more likely to stay engaged.

Make the most of your job search by looking for a company with an engaged, motivated team you can be proud of. Be watchful when it comes to small details, and look for the signs of engaged, motivated employees. You’ll soon find a fantastic workplace that fits you to a tee.


Employee Engagement


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