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Looking to London: The hub of finance jobs

London is a location for many to look to when it comes to a high-paid, high-profile job, and for good reason too. The English capital harbours many great roles online job searchfor young professionals and experienced minds alike, but the one sector most people think of when they look to London for vocational opportunities is finance.

Armed with an ACA qualification (Associate Charted Accountants), you will have a great chance of landing the ideal job in finance. The qualification is recognised around the world round and puts you in good stead for pretty much any role within the industry once qualified. Those looking to London will find a wealth of jobs ready for the correct candidate and the chances of finding it hard to find
the ideal role will be thankfully low.

Banking and financial services

This area of finance will offer a diverse set of roles and will allow you to scope a large degree of the sector. You could find yourself making deals within an investment bank or planning the finance structure of a new business; roles in this area include corporate finance, equity research financial planning (business performance), internal audit and financial accounting.

Trust jobs

Trust jobs in the UK can also offer a healthy degree of variance and requires the employee to be diverse. The main idea of trust jobs is to perform administrative tasks for investment or accountancy firms, working with tax or acting as a relationship manager, but other roles include trust manager; trust accountant; risk manager; senior trust administrator and business development manager.


In commerce or industrial roles bring with them something a little different to the standard banking jobs and allow successful candidates to work in companies that feature on the FTSE 100 to ambitious start-up businesses and help them drive to success; both are exciting, but the former does offer the chance to work with some household names and tend to be much better paid and carry better
benefits. Roles in this area span from technical to analytical, operational to project focused.


One of the most attractive areas of finance is insurance, which offers many demanding and fascinating challenges in the finance world. London has strong foundations in insurance and related jobs and therefore there is a hefty demand for people in this area, meaning potential candidates will have plentiful options to take into consideration.

About the author: Sam writes for AP Executive who offer recruitment in many areas of finance including trust jobs and executive finance jobs. Take a look at AP Executive UK Financial Jobs for more information.


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