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How To Write An Enticing Job Description

Business owners have a lot to deal with. There is so much to do and you are the only one that is capable of handling it, but perhaps you’ve reached a stage where you can’t manage everything alone, and you could use some help. Finding the right employee can be a challenging and time-consuming task. So it’s important to get of on the right by beginning the process properly- writing a good job description. While this can seem like adding unnecessary work to your schedule, writing a good description can really pay off when it comes to finding the person who is going to be the right fit for your business. You will greatly reduce your chances of getting applications from unqualified or unsuitable people and encourage potentially qualified applicants who may have otherwise not applied to take a stab at the position. Here’s some advice on writing a job description:

The most important thing you must do is provide clarity about the position. People who are looking for jobs are often reading numerous job descriptions per day and may well skim read the description first time round.  This means that they might miss something you think to be very important. You want to be as clear as you can be when it comes to the language you are using. It is helpful to be able to explain the job at hand in one to two sentences. Of course, you can add to that but make sure you know what the job is at its core when writing about it. Steer clear from any commonly used buzzwords as audiences usually see right through that. Applicants are attracted by clear, honest and to the point descriptions.

Knowing the exact parameters of the job itself is helpful to you as a writer and as an employer. Every employee would like to be paid for what they will be doing. This means that most applicants are usually not interested in doing work that is not in the job description. You must define this. Be as honest as you can from the get go. Highlight everything you expect your future employee to take on. This is your chance to lay everything out and to sell your company as a whole. It is extremely important for potential applicants to want to work for you. This will make sure that you have some worthy people to interview in the long run.

Even though you have a strongly defined list of expectations from for your future employee this does not mean that they should not also expect to get something from the job. Besides money, employment can offer so much more. After all, they are signing up to spend a large part of their lives at your business. It should be more than about money and you should want to offer them a pleasant work environment. Make sure you sell the perks of the job over anything else. What they are getting from the job is what drives the best applicants to throw their hats in the ring.

Of course, this is all useless advice if the ad is posted somewhere where no one is going to see it. Be sure to get your job advertisement up on a popular job site like Jobrapido, as they warrant a lot of traffic and you are more likely to have the job listing seen and responded to if it is placed on a site that is trustworthy. Just remember to keep it simple. Do not use sentences that are overly long or confusing, and most of all be yourself. People will respond to your tone, and you and your company should offer a unique one.


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