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How Technology Is Changing The Hiring Process

Today’s business world is very different to the business world twenty years ago. Innovative changes have transformed nearly every industry, but one industry that has undergone the most change is HR. In fact, investors recently put more than 2 billion dollars into new HR technology. These technology tools can make work less monotonous and more enjoyable, and they can even allow employees to work remotely using hosted desktops.

If you work in HR and you’re interested to know how the industry is changing, here is how technology is changing HR.

Hiring New Talent

One of the main roles for most HR departments is hiring new talent, which used to be a time consuming and laborious task. Today the application process is totally different due to digital tools such as virtual boards, making it easier for people to apply for jobs with HR assistance. Some HR companies are even embracing Twitter and LinkedIn as a way to advertise for new employees, which vastly reduces recruiting costs.

Tech Tools

Digital technology has also transformed HR for HR employees. Various HR apps can be used to track employee hours for the whole company, making it much easier for the HR department to calculate how many hours each employee has worked. This is much easier than going through rotas, and it tends to mean that the pay checks are more accurate.

All tools are prepared for mobiles, meaning that HR managers can still work while they are on the go. This means it easier to make HR teams completely remote, reducing office space costs. HR teams are also embracing tools that can help with training, meaning that all employees know exactly how to use the software that they need. This reduces confusion for new employees, helping to improve overall efficiency. Advance Systems also found that many employees feel overworked, so apps that reduce confusing admin tasks will help employees to feel like they have a manageable workload.

The world of HR has completely transformed – and it is very clear that the transformations have vastly improved the daily duties for HR employees. Tools that make the hiring process easier can vastly reduce hiring costs, and it also means that HR employees can spend less time recruiting and more time focusing on company employees. This means that HR teams can be much more productive and efficient – and they don’t have to spend time painstakingly answering the same questions over and over again, as employees can use an app to find out the answer to their question.


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