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Is your building really fit for business? Custom constructions to improve your workplace

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to getting the right premises for your business. You need somewhere that is affordable, comes with all the right amenities and is in the best location – whether that be to capture footfall of passing customers, to connect to transport links or to tap into a skilled labour market.

Yet, that’s just the start. Once you get into a building, it’s important to make the most of your space. For many businesses, there’s not really one-size-fits-all solution – an off the shelf space that is perfect for your needs. You don’t want to have to change what you do because of the building you’re in – so how can you change the building you’re in to be fit for what it is you do?

Open plan – or closed

For office-based businesses, there’s a decision to be made when it comes to the layout of the office. Over a number of decades now there’s been a trend towards open-plan offices, removing walls and bringing teams of workers together in one big space. That might be a construction tweak you make to your building to create the space you need to fit everyone together in one room. Alternatively, the tide is turning against open-plan. Many people fear that open-plan layouts don’t always help productivity and can create issues with noise, temperature, lighting and even the spreading of germs. So, perhaps you want to carve up an open-plan space to improve the running of your business? Either way, consider the best way to make the use of the floor space within your four walls.

Division of space in retail

Speaking of floor space: that’s a particularly important factor for businesses in the retail sector. You want to make the very most of the retail space you have – with back office and warehouse space kept to what’s strictly necessary. Many supermarkets spend a lot of money on their layout to make effective use of their space – fitting in as many products and services as they can.

Designated areas for specialist activity

Can you do everything you need to do in your business premises? It can be tempting to pack everything into your building – but it’s not always possible. Some specialist activities really need their own dedicated space – especially if they are industrial procedures that create noise or alter the working atmosphere. Consider creating a ‘space within a space’ for this or add to your premises with another dedicated facility where you can do this effectively.

Safety first… or else

These issues deal with making the best use of your space – but you also need to consider if your premises is ‘fit for business’ from a safety perspective too. From non-slip flooring through to signage, lighting and security additions, right through to the equipment installed – there’s much you can do to enhance your facility. It’s important to have an audit of your building from a safety perspective. If you’re not safe then you put everything else at risk, so don’t cut corners here.

Consider safety, closed off areas for specialist activity, maximizing retail space and how best to arrange your premises for your workers. Get all that right and you’ll definitely be fit for business.


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