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The Game Inspired CV

game cvLet’s face it. One would imagine that when it comes to a CV, employers and recruiters have probably seen it all – the good, the bad and the perhaps occasionally ugly. 

However every once in a while a CV comes along which is truly unique – a CV showing real creativity and ingenuity and which it would be impossible not to be impressed by. One of the best examples of a CV demonstrating just that is the ‘game’ inspired CV created by Robby Leonardi.

As an animator, Robby was only too aware that a pretty dull 2 page standard curriculum vitae would never really showcase his skills and abilities to their full potential. So, he set about creating an interactive CV.

Robby’s CV features a miniature superhero figure taking a journey through his own experience and career thus far.

With 4 levels to scroll through, the layout is pretty much like a typical platform game promoting everything from Robby’s proficiency in animation and design through to examples of his previous work and achievements.

Take a look for yourself at how it all works:

The interactive resume

If you’re in need of a little creative inspiration for your own CV, hopefully this one will do the trick!

We think it rocks!


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