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5 ways to keep your customers happy with easier transactions

Whether you’re looking to start a business, in the early stages of operation, or have been managing your business for a while already, it’s always important to ensure your customers are satisfied. How you implement an organise your payment process will be essential to complementing a simple, smooth, and stress-free sales process, which can help you leave a lasting positive-impression on your customers.

So, how, here are five ways you can provide easier transactions to keep your customers happy.

A reliable business bank

When aiming to make transactions quick and simple for your customers, choosing the right business banking supplier will be key. If your business is supported by a good banking service, which is designed to support a company’s day-to-day operation, it can help with things like making sure online transactions are straightforward, fast, safe and secure. This could include services provided via a business organisation, such as business banking from FSB.

Multiple options to pay

In today’s world where people have so much choice, it’s wise to follow suit and provide your customers with a versatile range of payment options. You should give people the option to pay for purchases bothonline and over the phone, and accept a range of credit cards and debit cards. Having a range of payment options available is important in case one method becomes unavailable in some way. This will ensure that the sales process can still proceed smoothly, while also preventing a customer from becoming frustrated and purchasing elsewhere.

Ask for essential info only

When your customer goes through the transaction process, it’s wise to only ask them for information that’s essential to successfully completing their payment – name, address, and card details, for instance. Nothing can be more frustrating for a customer than being faced with a web page full of boxes to fill in, or having to be asked a tedious series of irrelevant questions over the phone. A drawn-out and frustrating sales process might be the barrier that prevents a customer from shopping with you again, instead looking for a competitor that offers a more efficient sales process.

Make errors easy to fix 

It happens – people may make mistakes during a transaction. They might give the wrong digit in a card number over the phone, or type in incorrect details on the checkout page. You should aim to create a transaction process that makes these errors easy to fix and correct. For instance, this shouldn’t involve the user being taken back to a previous web page and having to retype information. The error should just be a blip that your system can sort in seconds, allowing the sale to proceed smoothly.

Signpost and assist

Finally, you should do anything can to make the transaction process easy for the customer to understand and complete. This includes signposting where they need to go next on your website and assisting customers when you can, so they aren’t guessing what they need to do. This could include adding an address finder system on your site, so a customer can quickly type in their delivery address. You could also provide a live webchat service to help them if they need assistance.


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