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How to Ensure Employees Are Happy (and Productive in the Process)

If you’re looking to increase productivity around the workplace you don’t need to crack the whip or pressure employees to work more hours. Instead, you should focus on making your employees happier when they’re on the clock.

Research has shown there are many benefits to having happy employees. They work harder, they’re more engaged and they tend to be more successful than their unhappy co-workers. In other words, when the workplace is harmonious and happy things run more smoothly.

You don’t have to invest a lot of money in order to boost employee happiness, and you don’t even have to dole out raises. Sometimes simple changes around the office can have the biggest impact on happiness.

Beverages and Snacks

It’s not surprising to find that yummy snacks and beverages make people happy, including employees. Gourmet coffee and a plethora of healthy snacks will make just about any employee look forward to coming to work in the morning. That observation was verified by a survey from Peapod that found employees who have ready access to free snacks and beverages are happier than employees who enjoy the daily perk.

Something as simple as a high-quality office water dispenser can do a lot to move contentment in the right direction. Many people are trying to drink more water to improve their health so it’s always important to offer your employees clean, filtered aqua. Proper hydration is also important for cognitive function, so that’s a plus.

Flex Time System

High on many employees’ happiness list is flex time. Flex time gives employees more control over their schedule and helps make work/life balance easier to obtain.

Make Sure Employees Have the Tools They Need

Want a better performing office? Then make sure it’s properly equipped. When employees don’t have the tools they need to get the job done they feel like they’re being set up for failure. At the very least, they’ll feel like there’s no way they can do their best work, which is a real downer.

Take the time to have one-on-one discussions with each employee and ask if they have what they need to perform their job effectively. You may find that a single piece of software, office equipment or training program will make their job much easier. It’s a small investment to increase employee happiness, improve the quality of their work and boost productivity.

Supportive Company Culture

Another survey of 10,000 employees by Dapulse found that company culture is becoming increasingly important in regards to employee happiness. It turns out most people don’t like working for cutthroat companies that set aside integrity for profits. Working for a top-performing company makes people happy, but only if it has a positive, supportive company culture.

One step you can take to encourage a more supportive company culture is creating a corporate culture handbook. In it outline the values of your company and highlight how the company supports its employees. You may also want to include what’s expected of employees in terms of

Recognition and Awards for a Job Well Done

One of the most important things to employees is to know that their work is valued. Drudging away day in and day out without zero recognition for the hard work you do will eventually get to any employee. Luckily, there’s an easy fix.

Managers should regularly recognize employees for a job well done. That can be accomplished simply by acknowledging the employee’s work or by showing your appreciation with an award or taking them out to lunch. Some companies, in particular those with sales teams, put up leaderboards to recognize high performing employees and motivate all employees to get to the top.

Profit Sharing Program

Employees may not necessarily need a raise to be happier at work, but a profit sharing program will certainly help. There are a few benefits for employees and employers when a profit-sharing program is implemented.

The most obvious benefit for the employee is bonus pay. But underlying that is the feeling that their work is being valued. They’ll also feel more invested in the success of the company since they are getting to share in the success. Even if it’s a very small cut of the profits, most employees are more motivated when the success of the business is shared with everyone.


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