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How to Become a Marketing Executive

How to Become a Marketing Executive? Well here’s handy tips to help you on your way…

There are very few sectors which are as diverse or dynamic as Marketing. Its influence can be felt in almost all aspects of Marketing Managerour lives and is so ever present around us that we are often oblivious to it. Marketing Executives are a crucial component within this system using their passion, drive, and creativity to entertain, influence, surprise and shock us!

As you can imagine, it’s rather difficult to summarize in a single sentence precisely what a Marketing Executive does,however at a push we would say “A Marketing Executive is a person who is concerned with creating, and developing marketing campaigns for use in the promotion of a product, service or concept”.

Obviously it’s a lot more complicated than it sounds and requires a great deal of hard work and considerable skill.

Here are a few work activities that you could expect to encounter on a daily basis:

  • Liaising with and consulting a large range of people including clients, customers, target audiences and team mates

  • Establishing, developing and maintaining productive client relationships

  • Identifying and securing advertising opportunities across a range of media including television, newspapers, radio, internet and so forth

  • Managing and contributing to the creation of various marketing materials

  • Writing, proofreading and editing copy

  • Assisting in the creation of promotional events such as product launches

  • Attending a range of relevant events including launches, conferences, business exhibitions/fairs, seminars etc

  • Arranging and undertaking market research activities.

  • Analysing and evaluating the results of market research and acting up in the information which has been gained

  • Development and implementation of marketing strategies

  • Working as a member of a number of teams concurrently

There are many more activities which you may be required to undertake as a Marketing Executive – in theory you could come across just about anything – but hopefully this has given you a general idea of the sheer scope of work activities which could be expected of you.

Skills and Personal Attributes

It will come as no surprise that owing to the extremely varied nature of the role there is an equally diverse list of skillpersonal attributes and skills which will be be of benefit to you within your career as a Marketing Executive. Some of the most important of these are:

Outstanding people/interpersonal skills – If you are someone who likes to work independently the majority of the time, becoming a Marketing Executive is probably not the role for you. It is a career which requires near constant communication with the other parties involved including your team mates, clients and your target audience.
Creativity – This is probably a rather obvious one to state but its importance cannot be underestimated in the day to day life of Marketing Executives, the most successful of whom are quick thinking, reactive and able to produce content which is enjoyable and effective.
Flexibility – Not physically (although i’m sure that wouldn’t hurt) but in their attitude towards their role and the workload that they are expected to undertake. The nature of the role means that there is no hard and fast list of activities that you will be required to complete, and therefore you must be prepared to go above and beyond (even stepping outside of what you perceive to be your direct responsibility) in order to ensure the completion and delivery of a project.
Business Acumen – You need to have a sound understanding of how the business world works. It is this knowledge which will help you to understand where your product/service sits within the marketplace and will ensure that the campaigns created are as relevant and effective as possible. People are not born with this skill so fortunately it is something that you will be able to work on and develop throughout your career.
Passion – Having passion in what you are doing will not only make your working life more enjoyable, it will also help you to remain dedicated, resilient and ensure that your enthusiasm is translated into your work.
Organisation – Being a Marketing Executive is like keep 20 plates spinning all at once. Just take a look at the list of work activities and it is easy to see how your day could very quickly become hectic and overwhelming. Being well organised will ensure that you stay on top of your workload and are prepared to react to the the unexpected.

Qualifications for become a Marketing Executive

As with so many careers there is no minimum requirement of qualifications in order to be a Marketing Executive. In question-marktheory you could gain an entry level position within an agency and work yourself up from there, though admittedly this is generally not the way in which it happens. It is a highly competitive field and therefore formal qualifications will certainly increase your chances of getting your foot on the ladder. There are are a number of degree specialisations available which would be considered sought after by employers including marketing, communications, advertising, business and management and some creative disciplines. These courses are available from a huge number of universities and as such the entry requirements are very varied. Generally however, GCSEs / A levels in subjects like English, maths, economics and IT will stand you in good stead, but be sure to check with the relevant university to confirm.

It is important to remember though that employers are placing an ever increasing emphasis on professional work experience and as such it is possible to get a position as a marketing executive without a relevant degree. Some areas in which you will gain relevant experience include sales,customer service and public relations. There are also a number of qualifications available which will increases your chances without the need to go to university.

For example, the Chartered Institute of Marketing offers qualifications including `Introductory certificate in marketing` and `Professional certificate in marketing` amongst others. Most of their courses can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis through distance learning. Be sure to check out their website to see the range of courses that are available. (www.cim.co.uk).

Whilst there is a huge amount of work and a great deal of skill required to be a successful Marketing Executive, it also has the potential to be highly enjoyable, lucrative and fulfilling career!

We hope that you have found this information useful and best of luck with finding the career that is right for you!  Check out our fab career directory for more career options.


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