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Using Social Media in a Job Search, 2016 to-do List.

Using Social Media for your Job Search. Our to-do list to start 2016.

Now the end of the year is upon us (or Happy 2016 if  you’re reading this and the New Year has already arrived!) you might just be in the process of considering if and how a new job or change of career could be on the cards. With this in mind, we’ve listed a number of the things you might want to do that might just help you get 2016 off to a good start. We’ve also included some handy links to previous TheEmployable articles that we reckon will add a little extra boost to your job hunting in the year ahead. First up, here’s a pretty useful rundown of TheEmployable articles which are all related to Job-Seeking and Social Media!


socialnetUsing Social media to find a new job, or connect with someone that can help you find a new job is a great way of job-seeking and successful job-seeking at that! The tips posts that we’ve highlighted below will hopefully help you do just that!


For starters, why not read 5 easy ways to use Social Media to find a Job or to ease you in check out our previous post that highlighted 5 ways to improve your online presence.


If LinkedIn is your thing then you should probably read 5 Ways to use LinkedIn to find a Job and if you still are unsure about the power of LinkedIn to get a new job, read this guest post from a seasoned Recruiter on why they think LinkedIn is the only social channel that matters.


All Facebook users should take note of How to Facebook Your Way to a New Job. But to keep your Job search on the right track you might want to read our previous post on 5 Things Employees Should Never Do on Facebook …and just to keep you in check full stop on social media make sure to also read 4 ways that social media can lose you your job.


Twitter BirdsTwitter is still a big player and therefore, make sure to check out previous articles 5 Ways to use Twitter for your Job Search, Twitter Hashtags to use for your Job Search, and our useful post using Twitter to find a Job – some basic tips. They should all help you along the way!


And finally, if you don’t value the power of using and understanding Social Media as a skillset in its own right – you are most probably wrong!


Back in 2014 job search engine Adzuna highlighted that demand for social media skills and knowledge was on the rise amongst forward-thinking UK employers, with over 13,000 jobs around the country demanding candidates with specific skills and experience in this arena, a 66% increase on the previous year.
Just think about how in the last 12 months using social media has become part and parcel of your everyday life and then consider how if nothing else, utilising social media to search and apply for jobs and to network with others may not get you a job immediately, but will more likely or not make you more employable in the long run!


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