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5 Steps for Landing a SaaS Job

Time magazine listed cloud-computing as the most important technology of the last few decades. With distribution giant Amazon offering cloud-based solutions, Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are the most common of the cloud platforms, generating hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue. SaaS experts are predicted to be in high demand, so if you want to jump the line for these jobs, get yourself ready before you fill out your first application.

Be Qualified

graduate employmentThe Bureau of Labor Statistics categorizes SaaS professionals under the umbrella of computer programmers. Because SaaS is a hot new technology, placing it under computer programmer is like placing astronauts under the category of driver.

That being said, the basic qualification for a programmer is a bachelor’s degree. Since SaaS positions are the cream of the crop in the programming world, extra qualifications will help you land a job. The Cloud Security Alliance offers a certification in cloud security, and Red Hat offers certification in Infrastructure as a Service. Rack up as many certifications as possible to prove that you are more qualified than the competition.

Create a Coding Portfolio

Writing code is an art and, like any artist, you need a portfolio of your work. SaaS jobs require coding in one or more of the most common programming languages, including Python, PHP, JavaScript and C++. The more of these that you know and can demonstrate, the better off you will be. Having SQL coding that proves your abilities with database architecture is a big bonus. Place you most sublime and sophisticated work on a server, and link to them in your job application.

Know the Industry

Cloud technology is moving fast, thus creating so many new benefits. For example, sophisticated accounting systems, like Sage One, are on the cloud. Sage One enables business owners to view their finances from any computer or through an app on their smartphone. Customer service departments, such as Zendesk, are also on the cloud. Zendesk has cloud-based phone support that records and transcribes calls as well as chat and self-service functions. Entire social lives are lived on the cloud through social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter.

It is mandatory that you understand the industry in which you will be a valuable member. Take some time to research the novel uses of cloud technology as well as the big players in the field. When you land the interview, be certain to research the company that may be hiring you and understand their role in the cloud industry.

Be a Young Mind With Old Habits

Computing is the realm of the young, but the business world is still run by the old. The stereotypes about the youngest of the working generation are double-edged. On your side is the belief that allCreative Thinking 2 things technological are at your command. Against you is the label that you are lazy and self-absorbed. Your job is to capitalize on the former and change the latter. In your cover letter, place a sentence or two that describes your work ethic and how you believe it will match that of the company you’re applying for.

Use SEO Tactics for Your Resume

You would not go to a morbidly obese fitness trainer, so why would a company hire a database expert that does not use keyword optimization? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be second nature to a SaaS programmer, so make sure your resume is SEO-compliant. Identify the keywords that your industry uses and naturally integrate them into your resume for best searching outcomes.

These are just a few helpful tactics for landing a coveted SaaS job. Make sure you are prepared, knowledgeable and able to stand out before you start applying. Good luck!



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