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Top 5 Apps for Job Seekers

phonecallLet’s face it – if you are going to get ahead in today’s competitive job market, you need to be using all the resources at your disposal. From the initial searching for a job through to the interview stage, you should never be complacent and simply rely on doing things the way you always have. Of course, thanks to our increased use of smartphones and tablets, there are a plethora of apps which can help make the entire jobseeking process much easier. Here are our Top 5 Apps for Job Seekers which we hope will help you do just that.


There are masses of Job Boards out there and going through them all is a pretty time consuming endeavour. That’s why Indeed is so good. It is basically a search engine for jobs – it trawls through all the major job sites and boards and collates all the data for you. With a single search you can access jobs in all sectors and in all areas. This app is an absolute must and is available for both Android and iOS.


Jobspotting is the newest app we’ve listed and has the potential to be a big player. As well as being a search engine for jobs, it has an inbuilt recommendation engine which learns about you – your preferences and skills. The purpose? Well, it helps you look for the right kind of jobs and makes suggestions based on your skills, abilities and career aspirations. At the moment Jobspotting has a focus on Marketing and IT jobs only although as this iOS app develops, so too will the sectors it covers.


This job search app is a little different in that it collates jobs which have been advertised by companies directly on their websites. The main advantage of this of course is that your search results will show real jobs only – no scams or fraudulent ads here! Also, you’ll find many jobs listed which don’t necessarily get advertised on the standard job sites and boards. Using this app will extend the reach of your job search. It’s available for both iOS and Android.

CV Builder

For job applications on the go, you’ll need to have access to your CV. This particular app lets you create a professional CV with minimal effort. In essence you just fill out the forms in the app, press preview and there you have it! If you have a LinkedIn account, the app will actually import all the relevant data from your LinkedIn profile and speed up the process even further. Once your CV is created you can also email it directly to the employer or recruiter directly from the app.

Job Interview Question – Answer

Available for both iOS and Android, this is a free interactive video app. It allows you to practice your answers to some of the most challenging interview questions by using a mock interview format. One of its best features is that it allows you to see how a professional interview coach would answer any given question – thereby enabling you to compare and ultimately improve your own performance.

We hope that you find some of these apps useful. Got any other personal faves? Why not let us know via the comments below…



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