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4 ways to boost your brand’s online presence

Improving your brand’s online presence is a multi-pronged approach that takes strategy, patience and effort.

Whatever your business, online presence has now long been an essential consideration. For those providing particularly specialist services it may be of even higher importance – delivering opportunities to reach customers far afield who need what you uniquely provide.

Online presence includes every piece of the puzzle of your digital footprint. It includes where your brand appears in search engines – both organic and paid, social media, where your brand appears on other websites, your email and the comments and reviews about your brand. And it can all be impacted by your focused action.

  1. Ensure your website is working as hard as it can

Websites evolve over time and are often neglected after the initial set up phase. A regular audit of your website is essential to ensure it really does what you need it to. That means both on the front end (the content) and the back end. You need to be sure all your content is crawlable to maximise Search Engine Optimisation. There’s little point investing effort into its content if it can’t be ‘seen’ by Google. Also, ask yourself ‘is your website quick and reactive?’ If not you need to act.

  1. Make sure your online content is great

It’s vital to ensure your online content remains relevant, correct and up-to-date. It should also be eye-catching, surprising, informative and offer something new. Google is currently concerned with Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness – also known as EAT.

In terms of your website, ensure you view it as if you’re a new customer making their first visit to the site. Is the navigation straightforward, are your messages clear without any prior knowledge?

Are your social media profiles working hard for you – succinctly telling new visitors who you are and what you do? Is the content you’re uploading to social media well thought out, in keeping with the image you want your brand to have and does it contribute to your overall purpose?

  1. Maximise social media

However you feel about social media personally, there will be channels your business should be on and it’s a surefire way to boost your brand’s online presence.

It’s unlikely you have the resources to be in all places so pick the sites most suited to your brand. Consider the type of content you’ll be able to create as well as where your customers are likely to be.

For example, if your business leads naturally to regular opportunities for fresh striking images – Instagram is for you. If not, it’ll take a lot more effort to be there so only do it if you feel it’s of high value in terms of the audience you’ll reach there, otherwise pick another option and do that well instead.

  1. Build your authority

Google will rank your website higher if it shows signs of being an authoritative site that is useful, helpful and valuable to users. Google can only know this based on the number of people clicking on it, how long they stay and the journey they take into and out of your site.

Links to your site appearing on other sites that already have strong authority and reputations will reflect well on your online presence so send press releases, write guest posts and establish yourself as a thought leader in your field.

These four methods can boost your online presence, projecting your brand to page one and getting in front of those who require your product or services. Implement these ideas into your 2019 plan and enjoy success over the year ahead.




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