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How to Handle Interview Nerves

nervesEven the most confident amongst us will be prone to a little anxiety and nerves before a job interview. Such nerves can arise from both the fear of the unknown as well as a genuine eagerness to do well which in turn causes a certain amount of pressure and anxiety. Like everything in life though, we have to try and make sure that our nerves don’t prevent us from doing our best and hinder us from the job at hand. Today, we’re outlining some tips on how to handle interview nerves which we hope will help…

Be prepared

As is the case with many things, preparation is key. It is vital that you familiarise yourself fully with your CV or the job application form, that you spend some time researching the company and that you have a good understanding of the role and what would be expected of you. Spending time preparing and going over these areas will in turn mean that you will feel better equipped to handle what is asked of you when you enter that interview room. Being prepared will have a direct effect on how confident you feel.

Practice makes perfect

Whilst role plays can be a tad awkward, they still have their value. If you are uncomfortable and nervous about an upcoming interview, taking some time out with a friend or family member to role play an interview situation will be time well spent. If said friend or family member undertakes the role of an interviewer and asks the type of questions that you could be typically asked, it will benefit you no end. Yes, it may seem strange or even funny, but it will still be worthwhile. Even better of course if they are able to give you a little critique on your answers, suggestions on how you could improve or just some general feedback on how you have performed.

Relax that brain

Yes, we know that interviews can be stressful and that relaxing that brain of yours may seem an impossible task when an interview is coming up; however it needn’t be that way. Try and spend some time the evening before your interview or on the day itself in undertaking activities which you find relaxing. Having a long hot bath, going for a walk or a run, listening to music, whatever – simply do what works for you. Undertaking activities which are calming and which completely take your mind off anything which you are not looking forward to will help you in the long run. Mindset is everything!

Be organised

You’ll most likely have been given plenty of notice for your interview. Therefore, use that notice period to prepare and get organised. Ensure that you work out how you will get to the interview location – plan your route, check bus and train times and make sure that you know how long it would take. After all, rushing to reach your desired destination will only serve to increase your feelings of anxiety and interview nerves. Plan what you’re wearing too – no running around looking for a clean shirt or those ‘work’ shoes at the last minute. Have your outfit ready from the evening before. Organisation in all things is key.

If you’ve been stressing out at the thought of an impending interview, we hope that these tips on how to handle interview nerves will help. Good luck!


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