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4 Ways that Social Media can lose you your Job

Here at TheEmployable we recently highlighted that social media can be a great way of finding a new Job. In fact with recruiters using social media as part of the recruitment process it can be make or break in getting you that job that you want.

However, don’t think for one minute that your online presence and social media success and failings only matter when searching and applying for work.

Here we highlight 4 ways in which social media can lose you your current job as well.

Using company social media channels unprofessionally

Using social media doesn’t just mean your own social media networks. If you are employed in a marketing or communications role where company social media channels like Twitter and and Facebook are utilised, be careful that you always remain in line with company policy when sharing an update.

socialnetworkingAdding an unprofessional or off policy status can be a big mistake and one that could potentially cost you your job. So remain professional at all times – no tweeting your mates, or replying rudely to a customer or client.

Being politically incorrect

This is a difficult one. Of course what is perceived as political correctness can change over time and also can depend on the country you live in and the generation you come from. However, adding political or social commentary on social media accounts can be a dangerous past time- especially if it is far removed from most popular thinking or acceptableness. Therefore the best advice is that you should only use social media to comment on social or political issues if you are prepared and able to standby and justify your convictions.

After all, some employers take a very dim view of employees who uses social media to rant and rave about issues that may contravene their own company opinion and policy.

Reveal that you are looking for a Job

It seems a pretty obvious reason to be honest, but appreciate that unless your privacy settings on your social media channels are activated, your employer could in theory check the status on your accounts, read your comments about looking for a job and then use that against you as a reason for you to lose your job.

Understand also that even if your profiles are private, if you have ‘friends’ that are also work colleagues, little remains private for long.Job Hunter

If you use LinkedIn as a business social network be careful you don’t update your status to highlight you are on the hunt for a new job as it may come back to haunt you if your employer checks your profile, or sees the profile update.

Complaining about your Boss / Employer

It stands to reason really.  Your thoughts, complaints and moans about your boss or employer, should just remain thoughts or private conversations! Don’t use social media – your Facebook updates or Tweets for example, to rant and rave about work as it can come back to negatively affect your work life, if your comments happen to be picked up on my a colleague or your employer.


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