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How to Prioritise your Goals in Life 

In your life, you are likely going to aspire to achieve numerous things. While there is no reason you cannot achieve everything you ever dreamed of with the correct work ethic, there obviously does need to be a plan in place. The difference between wanting and achieving is often these planning stages. While one size definitely does not fit all, there are some tips out there everyone can use when juggling those lofty ambitions.

Decide what constitutes a goal

Often this can be done by analysing the amount of work it would actually take to achieve the goal. For example, going swimming tomorrow probably wouldn’t be a goal but swimming every week for the next ten years or training to become a lifeguard; these are things that can be considered goals. If the goal itself can’t be summarised in a sentence it may be too complex and needs to be in another category entirely. If you want to achieve something that takes the hours, it’s a goal.

Write them down

A good way to properly realise and act on a dream is to look at what you want every day. This tip can be construed in a number of ways. Firstly, in a more literal sense, you could write down exactly what it is you want and stick it on your wall or above your bed so every time you wake up you see it. Or simply give yourself a reminder through images or videos or anything that reminds you what it is you want. This could be updates on your phone or a picture of a place you want to live but the key is to make it accessible wherever you are so you never lose sight of what’s important.

Do a ten year plan

This is the most important in terms of actually prioritising because then you can see what constitutes your long-term goals and your short-term goals. Keep these two categorisations separate and thus you can know what requires your immediate attention and therefore more focus.

Make links

It’s important not to see all goals as separate entities as more often than not they are intrinsically linked to one another. You’d like to climb a mountain or see a desert? Why not do both because more often that they can be done if you have enough money to travel the world.


Which brings me lastly to cold hard cash. This makes the world go around, so saving is a good idea but if you want to combine work and travel (and earn while you learn) then why not look for a job in the field. If it’s water then applying to work on yachts could be the answer. Working hard and smart is what’s required and the grind really does pay off if you know what you want and you have a financial plan of how, where and when you are going to invest your hard earned money.

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