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Think BIG by Dr. h. c. Harald Seiz – The Skill of Being an Entrepreneur

For anyone looking for a career who thinks that being an entrepreneur is an easier option than working for someone else, think again. There are advantages to having the freedom to unleash your passion on the world, but it’s hard work and there are plenty of low points to be experienced  alongside the high points.

However, as Dr. h. c Harald Seiz discusses in his book  Think BIG – How to Conquer the World with a Great Idea, the journey is filled with the excitement of the challenge and success is attainable. In his book, Dr. Seiz, talks about the important factors that come together, to help an entrepreneur to succeed. This is vital imformation for anyone who sees this as the career path that they want to follow.

In-depth knowledge is vital

Gone are the days of great polymaths. Today, we live in a world where we admire people who have vast expertise in their own field, such as Professor Stephen Hawking. It’s become less possible for people to have advanced knowledge in different areas . As Dr Seiz says, in “Think BIG”,

“Many fields have become so advanced, it can take years just to catch up to the present-day state of knowledge. Research has developed so that the tiniest ramifications can be simulated.”

What this means for an entrepreneur is that they need to choose the field and ideas that ignite them and develop and in-depth knowledge that helps them to be viewed as an expert and leader.

The need for self-confidence

There is no doubt that self-confidence is a vital trait for anyone who wants to succeed as an entrepreneur. As Dr. Seiz discusses in his book, there will be plenty of obstacles to overcome during a career as an entrepreneur. There will also be plenty of people around whose aim is to pick holes in ideas that are put forward.

A good entrepreneur needs to have the self-confidence to overcome these challenges, and to treat them as a positive experience that can be learnt from.

Belief in a goal

In addition to self confidence, it’s also important for an entrepreneur to have belief in their ideas, and the goal they are trying to achieve. In Dr. Seiz’s case, he has achieved  goals such as  developing the first crypto currency to be stable backed by physical gold and owning a goal mine. His success has lead to him becoming the founder and CEO of companies with a combined turnover of 100 million euros. Not every part of his journey has been successful, but he has maintained his belief along the way.

The importance of a great team

One aspect of entrepreneurship on which a lot of emphasis is placed, in “Think BIG” is the importance of having a great team in place. As Dr. Seiz says,

“Everyone has their limits. That’s why you need the right team. Everyone has their task and everyone is important in their own way for the overall concept to become a well-functioning organism.”

This is vital advice for any would-be entrepreneur. No-one truly succeeds on their own.

A career as an entrepreneur can be a good choice but, as Dr. Seiz highlights, it’s not an easy ride. Hard work and perserverance are required in order to succeed.



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