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People who look to plan their career out often have a dream of working abroad and are already looking for opportunities to do so. However, there are some who hope to do the same, but don’t know exactly what field offers such chances to ply a trade outside of their native country. There are plenty jobs that can be translated across into another country and allow you to work as you would in the country where you learned how to put it into practice.

Working around the world in just one other country than your own is a life defining experience and should grasped at if given half the chance. Working abroad allows you to open your eyes up to new cultures and different ways of life, and who knows, it may encourage you to stay there for the long-term.


One of the most popular vocations for plying abroad is teaching; some do it primarily for the experience (fresh graduates, gap-year students), whereas others will do it as a more permanent fixture of their lives and stay out there for the long-term. The best element about teaching is that there are so many different international schools worldwide where the students are asked to speak English; therefore there is no immediate need to learn the local language.

If you are planning on teaching abroad, however, be sure to spend some time doing some research beforehand. When picking which school you’d like to apply for, ensure that you’ve asked plenty of questions about how the school operates, how long you can work there and how your pay structure would work. As with any job abroad, research the cultures and traditions of the country’s natives so that you’re all keyed up on what you will need to adjust in your approach. It may also be a good idea to see who runs the school and how it’s controlled, as some state-run schools in the Far East can be quite restricting in what you can do.

Oil and gas procurement
Oil and gas procurement jobs are very popular in numerous countries around the world as both elements are found in many different regions and landscapes. Through this profession, you could find yourself working in a whole manner of different countries and continents that include Africa, Qatar, Europe and many others in the Far East.

There are plenty of different roles, too, as there is the chance to work in supplying materials, purchasing, management, as well as drilling and mining. One such drilling job would see you working in West Africa for a term of up to three years and you would be acting as a consulting member of the team for a major operator. Such a role would certainly bring a very generous wage with it too. For more information on jobs in this sector, you can have a look at oil jobs around the world with Earthstaff.

Private Banking
Even with the current economic climate as it is, people still need banks and bankers to help them out, especially companies. Working as a private banker will allow you to work in many different countries and English is again the key language in the industry, so there is no need to learn a second language straightaway. Key locations that need private banking include Singapore, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

As a private banker, you would be expected to build relationships with clients and companies in what is a very results-driven industry. Also, if you are initially based in London for example, your work will likely have you travelling back and forth between locations and so will see a lot of both whereabouts, making sure that if you ever get homesick, you will still be able to see family and friends regularly.

About the author: Sam writes for Earthstaff, specialists in energy jobs and specialist energy recruitment. You can look at more jobs including oil and gas procurement jobs with earthstaff.com.

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