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Movies to get you motivated before a Job Interview!

Last week at TheEmployable, we created our Jobseeking Soundtrack, ‘Now that’s what I call Jobseeking’.

Of course it’s all rather tongue in cheek, but at the same time if motivation is key to your job search, then perhaps a few positive songs along the way could help you keep on ‘track’.

This week we thought, what could be better pre job interview (after you do all your interview preparation of course) than a little movie magic to get you in the mood for the job interview ahead. So with this in mind, check out our list of movies or scenes thereof that might just help you ‘act the part’ when on interview duty!

The Devil Wears Prada – the interview scene (all about handling interview pressure well) 

Forrest Gump in its entirety (you get what you put in)

Rocky (just because…) 

The Pursuit of Happiness (all about keeping going)3d_glasses_

Jerry Maguire (You had me at hello)

Field of Dreams (Aspiration is of course important!)

The Karate Kid (Upskill train repeat upskill train repeat…Win!) 

Dangerous Minds (Don’t let reputation get you down! )

Mary Poppins (Turn the interview round on the Interviewer)

And if all doesn’t go right with this particular job interview, some post job interview viewing to get you back up and motivated once again!

A TED Talk…


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