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How to Ask For a Raise at the Workplace

You have been a good employee. You diligently perform the duties assigned to you and more. You are never late to work and you sometimes stay till late in the night so as to ensure that you accomplish the tasks assigned to you on time. Your bosses seem happy with your input at the workplace but other than their praises, nothing else is coming your way. Your salary is still the same and it appears that you are not in line for a promotion any time soon. Considering your input and efforts at the workplace, you feel that you are due a raise. But how do you go about asking for a raise at the workplace without offending your superiors? Any worker can ask for a raise if they feel they are due one. It should be noted, however, that employers are at liberty to grant or deny the requests as presented by the workers. So how do you go about asking for a raise and actually getting it? This piece highlights the various steps that can help you in this regard.

  1.      Research extensively to see what other workers in your field are earning.

Before you approach your manager for a raise, do your research to find out what other members in the industry who are of the same rank are earning. You would be surprised to find out that you are earning way below the current rates and this could greatly aid your case for a raise. Most people are reluctant to share details on their earning and your best bet for current employment figures is professional employment bodies. This includes speaking to employment unions and recruitment agencies where you live or want to live! Of course salaries and terms can vary, depending on your global or even regional location. However such bodies and agencies usually have the going rates for different professions and they would gladly help you prepare your case for pay rise, whether you are speaking to a Staffing Agency in Hawaii or a Recruitment Agency in Hull. Such bodies usually have the going rates for different professions and they would gladly help you prepare your case for a pay rise.

  1.      Evaluate your employer’s financial health.

Timing is very important when it comes to asking for an increment in your salary. Asking for a raise at the wrong time could paint you in bad light in the eyes of your superiors. You appear inconsiderate when you ask for a raise when your employer is going through a rough patch financially. You should also not ask for a raise when there is uncertainty in your industry that could result in financial implications to your firm. When you do so at such a time, you appear greedy and selfish and more often than not your application for a raise will not be granted. This, therefore, calls for the applicant to research extensively on the financial position of the firm and this entails scrutinizing the firm’s financial reports as well as researching on industry news.

  1.      Present your case.

With all these information at hand, book an appointment with your employer and present your case. List all your accomplishments for the entire time you have been at the firm and any other information that you feel makes you a valuable asset to the organization. State specifically how your accomplishments have benefited your employer and the organization at large.



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