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Feeling stuck? Here are 10 ways to make yourself more employable

When it comes to wanting to find new stimuli in your career and getting tired of doing the same thing, it is easier said than done to not feel or be ‘stuck’. The job market is brutal and finding a good job is not easy, but there are many ways that you can make yourself more employable.

Here are 10 ways to make yourself more employable so that you can make not only a shift, but a shift that is one that you really want.

Spruce up your CV

Most recruiters don’t spend a lot of time looking at your CV. In fact, it is often said that many spend under 12 seconds on each CV. So make those seconds count! Spruce up your CV and be sure to list relevant skills and experience to the job that you are applying for. While you research jobs, you might even come across some skills that you can take the initiative to learn or boost of your own accord.

Increase your presence online

In today’s digital age, your online presence does matter. Clean up any social media profiles that you have and consider creating a personal website. This is where you can showcase your unique personality, interests and skills.

Work on public speaking / your verbal skills

Verbal skills (including public speaking) are always great to improve upon. When you go to interview or meet potential employers, you’ll also be thankful for the confidence boost that this will give you. You can practice on your own, get together with friends and family and deliver presentations, and/or join professional groups in your area that focus on public speaking.

Learn a foreign language

Multiple language speakers are highly sought after on the job market. So consider what industry you want to be in, what you want to do, and what language suits your career and lifestyle. You can use language apps like Babbel for example, to learn Portuguese (or 12 other languages) for free.


Networking is one of the best ways you can boost your chances of getting hired or even coming across someone who has or knows of a job you would be interested in. These days especially, networking is key!

Go to events, fairs and summits relevant to your job

There are constantly events, fairs and summits that you can check out. Find the ones that are relevant to your dream job and be sure to go, learn and network.

Work on your interview skills

Like any skill, you want to practice and maintain your interview skills. While you are getting ready to make a shift, your interview skills are crucial.

Prepare a portfolio of your most recent projects

Even if you have felt ‘stuck’ in your job, your current work experience is vital to bring to potential employers. So take the time to prepare a portfolio of your most recent projects. This could also put you in the thought process of what you enjoyed doing and what you would like to do more of.

Never stop learning

In any career stage, it is important to never stop learning. It doesn’t need to just be the skills that are relevant to your specific position, so think outside of the box and learn something new as you go.

Believe in yourself

Especially when feeling stuck, it is important to believe in yourself. You can do it! You can make moves happen and ‘be unstuck’.

Amongst each of these 10 ways, believing in yourself is the most crucial. Getting your foot in the door will help make a shift possible, but the power of self-confidence will make it happen.


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