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On the Hunt: Job Searching and Accommodation Hunting in Dubai

It’s not uncommon to dream about getting away from it all. After a long, hard week at the office and non-stop streams of emails and calls, looking forward to a weekend of British drizzle is enough to make even the most hardcore Brit want to pack case and move on to something more exciting.

It might be that you view your future job in Dubai not just as a lucrative break from your current situation, but as a getaway to better life for your whole family. If this is the case, you will need to consider property and education options. There’s demand for Dubai properties for rent, expensive though they might be, and buying a property may be worthwhile long term.

For those searching for a true buzz and prospects new, making a fresh start somewhere completely different is, today, increasingly becoming a viable option. One city to consider is Dubai. This is one impressive metropolis with a strong job-seekingbusiness focus. Full of high graceful buildings providing a cool working environment for people just like you, Dubai’s success goes down to the fact it was built, among other things, on its accessibility by prospective workers — expats form the most substantial part of Dubai population and prosperity.

The city has a lot to offer the recently relocated businessperson. The main areas of interest for expats in search of employment in Dubai are customer service, financing and banking, retail and construction. You will need to apply for a visa and work permit — a process which is relatively uncomplicated for UK nationals. That said, it is still worth checking the particular requirements with the UAE government website to avoid delays.

Searching for job in Dubai can start from where you are — the recruitment companies looking for skilled professional initiate the first stages of the hiring process online. You can also approach companies based in Dubai directly by submitting your CV. Video CVs are gaining popularity and can, at times, give you a real cutting edge on other Get a Job Abroadapplicants. A balanced, concise CV outlining clearly your professional qualifications and achievements is always a fitting introduction. In addition to this, nowadays, the employers in Dubai are putting a particular emphasis on a number of “soft skills” they are looking for in prospective candidates, such as cultural awareness. Before booking your flight, take some time to learn at least basic Arabic and make sure you’ve researched any possible courses which are available once you arrive.

Although the excitement about Dubai career opportunities probably reached its peak some time ago, and a more cautious outlook is the prevailing attitude at present, the place is still a prime destination for people of dynamic and inquisitive nature, success-driven professionals aiming to career highs, and for everyone aspiring to new life experiences.

Garry Cafferty is a recruitment consultant and specializes in the recruitment of candidates for overseas vacancies.



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