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Tesla’s Business Model is a Boon for New Grads

If you stop and think about it, Tesla Motors’ meteoric rise is truly something to be lauded; not only because of the incredible technological innovation they’ve been able to bring to market in just a few short years, but also because of their seemingly unstoppable ability to expand (an achievement made all the more impressive given Tesla’s pricing structure).

What’s also remarkable is how their technology is changing the employment landscape in ways we haven’t seen in a long time; creating a different kind of demand for some pretty specialized skills in the tech sector. To that point, it is equally remarkable that we live in an age that literally anyone interested in leaving their mark on a tech giant like Tesla need only enroll in an online technology course to begin their journey (mind you, this is an oversimplification, not every course is considered equal, nor is it particularly easy to find an institution that is able to train students using the same kind of cutting edge technology and robotics that Tesla uses).

grad picObviously, there’s a lot of opportunity with a company like Tesla, a company that is continuously pushing the envelope in what is possible regarding electric motor technology (an ongoing project that will see their vehicles achieve greater and greater distances). More than that, Tesla is investing a vast amount of capital in an effort to design and build the kind of charging stations that can see a driver pull up, “fill up”, and drive off again in less time than today’s motorists can fill their tank will depleting fossil fuel. Ambitious? Absolutely. Impossible? Not a chance.

What makes Tesla Motors a Strong Bet for New Graduates

On the one hand, there are no shortages of noteworthy companies out there doing incredible things. And in graduationspite of whether or not you aspire to work for one of them one day, it certainly doesn’t hurt to play the devil’s advocate and ask yourself, “Why should I hitch my cart to this company?” or “What separates that company from the rest?” In many ways, these questions can be difficult to answer, but when it comes to Tesla, recent grads may find it a bit easier to ferret out those answers.

The first reason Tesla may be appealing to new graduates is because they’re a company that is aiming to bring about real change in the world. Though certainly not alone in their endeavors, Tesla has been identified by analysts and competitors alike as the gold standard when it comes to developing transformative automotive technology.

For more than a century, the combustion engine has provided the lifeblood to the auto industry, keeping our lives and economies moving forward. Tesla’s electric powered fleet is looking to stand the world’s reliance on fossil fuels on its head – an ideal that in and of itself would make the tech company an appealing and challenging place to work.

Currently, Tesla’s Model S gets 29 miles per hour of charge. As much as you think that sounds like a pretty temporary workgood mileage, that is sure to give their competitors a run for their money. Tesla Motors isn’t interested in keeping that kind of technology for themselves; they’ve actually encouraged their competitors to use their patents in an effort to spur on the EV (electric vehicle) movement. Consider for a moment what that means for the automotive sector. As a new graduate of an electromechanical technician course, consider the growth that such a proclamation would bring about in your field. Think about how you will be able to take the skills you just learned and how you’ll be able to apply them to not one, but to potentially dozens of different automakers.

Having completed your program, it’s safe to say that you’ll invariably find yourself in a very lucrative and fulfilling career. Having said that, there is a much to be said about having a certain level of peace of mind when considering your future prospects. That peace of mind not only comes from companies like Tesla who are creating exciting new opportunities; it also comes from being confident in the relevance of the skills you’ve honed from a reputable institution whose finger remains on the pulse of the industry.


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