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Dressing confidently in your new job

Confidence is key around the workplace, and what you wear as your uniform can be a way to help you be as confident and successful as possible. One way to ensure you’ve got the perfect uniform choices ready to go at all times is to make use of workwear supplier such as Simon Jersey, who specialise in providing uniforms to workers. This article will give you some advice on dressing confidently and making the most out of your uniform for your new job.

Capsule wardrobes & colour schemes

When creating a uniform for work, there are two aspects that you should try to keep at the front of your mind every day. What individual pieces you’ll be choosing from each day, and how the colours complement each other.

Paring down the total amount of clothes you wear in the workplace can help you cultivate a consistent and impressive sense of style and professionalism around the office; if you look and feel confident, you’re more likely to be confident.

A capsule wardrobe will also drastically reduce the time it takes to get ready each day – you’ll have created a selection of work clothes that will work together in almost any combination, so there’s no early-morning worry over what to wear. Essentially, you’re reducing any “decision fatigue”, leaving you with all your mental energy ready to tackle each and every work day successfully.

Limit yourself to around 40-50 individual pieces of clothing, and pick two colours to make up the majority of your wardrobe. Accent this with a handful of brighter and bolder statement pieces to wear on occasion. You’ll be left with a range of uniform options that all look great and made you feel great too.

Feeling confident in a suit.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, a full suit can be a fantastic outfit to bring out for those important days where you really need to feel confident and make an impression.

Perhaps you’ll be meeting some clients for the first time and you want to put your best foot forward, or perhaps just wearing a suit makes you feel good about yourself. With a comfortable professional suit at your disposal, you’re sure to cut a professional, powerful figure. You’ll look impressive and controlled to everyone you meet during the workday.

The right accessories.

The right finishing touches can be a great way to take a work uniform to the next level and make you feel confident around the workplace.

For example, you might have a watch that makes you feel powerful, or a necklace that looks great and makes you feel great about yourself too.

It might be something like a bright and bold tie that contrasts your shirt and jacket, or a favourite pair off cufflinks that you wear on big days.

Whatever it is, adding a little flair through accessories is a great way to boost the effectiveness of a uniform and help you feel more confident.



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