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How being more mindful can help your recruitment

When running a company, one of the most important things you need to have is a dedicated workforce.

However, when it comes to finding this dedicated workforce, it isn’t quite as easy as it may have once been, as job seekers are now becoming much more selective in the companies they work for, and rightly so.

Below, you’ll find three ways you can work on your company to get the right people through the door.

Better values

When it comes to hiring people these days, it appears that those looking for a job are much more mindful when it comes to applying to a company. So, rather than seeing the job and jumping in head first, they’re researching the company and seeing what’s at the core of the company’s values.

Millennials, the workforce that many industries are now looking to recruit, are more likely to work for companies committed to values and ethics. In fact, 42% of the workforce has said they want to work for an employer committed to making a positive impact on the world. From providing more environmentally friendly recycling practises to giving back to charities and the community, these are the kinds of things that’ll help you to reach two-thirds of the young talent pool and beyond.

Getting rid of a strict company structure has also proven to be a big factor in attracting new employees, things like open plan offices and removing boundaries have helped staff and management have a more free flowing communication system leading to anyone from any level being able to give feedback and pitch ideas.

Offer more than salary

Aside from this, job seekers aren’t just looking at large salaries these days. While they help to entice talent, employees are now looking at the bigger picture and seeing what perks come on top of their salary.

It’s been found that around 68% of candidates will see the compensation package on top of the salary as the reason they’ll take the job. From flexible working and more holidays to bonuses and things like cycle to work schemes, these can help to provide a better option to potential employees. As a general rule many younger employees value experiences over possession and want to feel valued and have a passion for their work and company. Showing that you, as the employer, also care is a great way to kick start this.

Develop talent

On top of salary, packages and values, candidates these days don’t want to be stuck in one place. Now, they want to develop their skills and learn new things to progress within their career, move into other areas and move through a company to a higher position.

Therefore, if a company is offering training programmes and even university courses, there’s a higher possibility that a candidate would look at the job in question. Progression is huge these days, and if it’s not offered it could put off potential candidates and even push them to other companies if they feel they aren’t developing enough within their current work environment.

Part of progression is also providing useful feedback; this can help employees to take control of their personal growth. Millennials as a whole want to feel challenged and nurtured within their work environments, and by investing in their talents it shows that your employee is not just a number or a warm body to fill a seat.

As you can see, these are just three areas that can help you to find the best talent out there. But, the one thing you need to remember, is to keep future employees at the heart of what you do or lose out on talent.



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