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Which Business Sectors Will Benefit from 5G?

As 5G begins to roll out across the UK, what does this higher speed and improved technology mean for businesses? Here, we’ll look at the top sectors which are set to benefit from 5G and what businesses can expect from this impressive technology.

The financial sector

The finance sector is one of the main industries that will benefit from 5G integration. Most notably, it will allow banks to offer a more advanced range of mobile banking options to its customers. There’s also talk of personal tellers being introduced, allowing customers access to a remote teller from their mobile device.


The manufacturing sector is another that will significantly benefit from 5G technology. It could make smart factories a possibility, placing sensors around the factory to monitor numerous aspects of the environment.

As the networks become smarter, more data will be able to be gathered and used to boost productivity. It could also be used to reduce downtime by assessing in real time any issues which need to be resolved quickly. Using a combination of data and machine learning algorithms, companies will be able to better predict when equipment and machinery is going to fail. This allows them plenty of time to invest in RS components or replacement equipment if needed.


The volume of data being produced and collected in the healthcare sector has grown substantially in recent years. The introduction of 5G networks will therefore help the sector meet the growing demand. It will also enable artificial intelligence to be improved upon, along with introducing a more personalised level of care to patients.

It will also open up opportunities for improved home monitoring devices. This would particularly benefit those in rural areas who can’t easily travel to a doctor or hospital. At the moment, current speeds present a lot of challenges for remote monitoring but 5G would resolve these issues.


Another industry set to benefit from 5G implementation is retail. Like the healthcare sector, retailers need to collect a lot of data. 5G will enable them to meet the growing demands, while also improving virtual reality and augmented reality technologies within the industry. Customers can expect new services such as virtual dressing rooms.

These are just some of the sectors which will most benefit from 5G technology. With experts predicting 5G will hit the mainstream in the next couple of years, it’s certainly an exciting time for businesses.



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