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Being more Confident at Interview – Basic Tips

Even the most confident amongst us would admit to being a little apprehensive or anxious before a job interview – particularly if it’s for a job that we really really want! It’s vital then that we do what we can to eliminate those anxieties and thereby give ourselves the best chance of impressing the employer and ultimately getting the job. We’ve put together some basic tips on being more confident at interview which should hopefully help.

Do your research

In order to feel fully prepared for interview, you will need to take time out to do some interview research. Spend time finding out about the company – its history, its products or services and its mission and goals. Discover all you can about the role itself – what the job will typically entail and the team you would be joining. The more research you do, the more knowledge you will have at your disposal and knowledge as we all know is a powerful thing! Research like this will enable you to be more comfortable at interview and that in turn will have a positive impact on your confidence.

Get your answers ready

Whilst it is impossible to predict exactly what questions you will be asked at interview, it is possible to take a rough guess at some of the more typical or frequently asked interview questions. You could for job interviewinstance have a look at the job ad or description and identify what the employer has stipulated to be essential criteria. It is likely therefore that your interview questions will be based around this criteria, aiming to identify if you have the skills and experience in the areas that they need. For example if people management is deemed to be essential, you will most probably be asked about your experience in managing people – how you motivated them, how you dealt with poor performers etc. Planning your answers to common interview questions in advance will give your confidence an added boost when it comes to the interview itself.

Practice makes perfect

Whilst it may be a little awkward initially to sit down with a friend or family member and ask them to role play an interview with you, it is still a worthwhile exercise. If you both take it seriously and they provide you with constructive feedback on everything from your answers to your body language, it will be time well spent. The more you practice before the real interview, the more you are likely to improve your performance. For example, you may be able to identify stronger examples for competency style questions or make a concerted effort to eradicate any bad habits such as using your hands excessively when you are speaking. By addressing these things in advance of the interview you will be simultaneously be helping to improve your confidence.

Believe in yourself

When you are invited to interview, you really ought to give yourself a little pat on the back for getting to this point. You have already impressed the employer to the extent that they want to meet you in person. They have looked at your CV or application and feel that you are a good fit for their role and organisation. What you have to do now is remember that and walk into the interview with total self belief. Focus on the fact that you have the right skills and experience for this role and that you truly would be an asset to their organisation. Your job at interview is simply to prove to the employer that this is the case. Having faith and belief in your own abilities and your strengths is the best way of doing this. Believe that you can and you will!

We hope that these basic tips on being more confident at interview should hopefully help any of you who may be feeling a little apprehensive or nervous. If you’ve got any other tips that you’d like to share, why not let us know via the comments section below.



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