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CV Tips for the Overqualified

CV Tips for the Overqualified

Having worked in recruitment, I know only too well that one of the biggest changes in recent times has been the sheer number of people applying for every job which gets advertised. Where a standard retail sales assistant position may once have only attracted applicants who had worked in that capacity in that sector, these days former Company Directors, Accountants and other professionals will now submit their CV in the hope of being considered for that very same job. The reality of course is that to an employer or a recruiter, many candidates of that ilk who are applying are really over-qualified for the position and they aren’t actually considered at all.
We all know however that needs must – we all need to put bread on the table as it were and if those type of jobs are the only jobs being advertised, then surely we have to apply. If you are finding yourself in this type of situation, then perhaps these CV Tips will help.

Tailor your CV
Just as you should do for every job, make sure that you create a CV specifically for the job applied for. The CV you submit for an Executive level post will never work if you use it for an entry level role. That does not mean of course that you have to dumb down your CV completely; however you should endeavour to remove specific industry jargon and terminology that is irrelevant to the job applied for. Do not over elaborate on irrelevant matters as it really will not help your case. By reviewing the job advertisement and description, it is quite easy to identify the most important and essential job criteria. Once you have done this, look at your CV and review how and where you meet this criteria. If for example, team working experience is essential, then highlight your background in this.

Consider the Employer’s Perspective
The key thing is to keep the employer’s requirements at the forefront of your mind and try and look at your CV as they would see it. If it appears that you would be using this position as a stop-gap, that you have no real interest in this type of role or company or industry, is it really surprising that they do not deem you to be a legitimate candidate? Of course not. Ensure that your CV conveys the impression that you are an ideal candidate for this job, and this job only.

Highlight Transferable Skills
For most jobs, there are certain skills which are fundamental requirements – be that customer service skills, sales skills, administrative skills, whatever. Ensure that you highlight on your CV all the relevant skills which you have and how these are transferable and relate to the position you have applied for. Also, in relation to those skills, perhaps consider placing these skills higher up your CV than perhaps your educational qualifications. Ensure that the elements which matter most for the job at hand are prioritized.

Convey a Positive Attitude
This might seem to be a pretty difficult task especially through a CV; however it can be done. For example, in your personal profile express your interest and enthusiasm for the type of role you have applied for and for this particular market sector. If you send a cover letter, ensure that you convey the fact that you have a genuine interest in the position and do not give the impression that you are desperate for a job, no matter how true this may be.

We know it’s not easy out there , but we do hope these tips go some way to helping you should you be overqualified for the jobs that you are applying for.

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