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Exploring a Career in Architecture

The more creative kind of individual likes to have a job that will guarantee original challenges and engaging tasks throughout their career and there are few roles that can fully appease this type of person.

One industry that can, however, is architecture. There are plenty of outlets for a job in architecture, which include private practices, urban design agencies, landscape architects, house builders and developers. Thanks to these and the constant growth of new buildings, an architect has an almost endless stream of work at their disposal, if they’re up to the task.
To be an architect you have to be very skilled and very idealistic, thinking of new plans and ideas continually. Also, there is the need to have a good understanding of how buildings are engineered.

Architects can work several different ways, with the obvious full and part-time capacities, but it is a job that can see you regularly hired contractually, project to project. The ability to work as a freelance is also a popular choice within the industry. But if you choose to get yourself a proper job title, what kind of roles are available? Well, there is a good selection of architecture jobs.

Senior Architectural Technician

A senior architectural technician is one of the mid-level jobs and would see you earning around £40,000 per year. Most consultancies and practices hire for this kind of role and someone taking the job would be expected to the one to oversee how a building is being designed.
The design and planning of a new building is very important and so experience and prior knowledge is required to do the job more than adequately. A person in this role would see projects through from start to finish and would also entail negotiating with clients and that creative ideas work according to building regulations.

CAD Manager

For a more reserved role that would be located in an office, as opposed to the building site, a CAD managers job would be just right.
In this job, a CAD manager would be expected to work in a company’s studio and would need to have a good knowledge of computer programs such as Microstation, Revit, SketchUp and Adobe Creative Suite. Assisting in the development of long-term strategy for design software within the agency or company is another responsibility, as well as developing related IT systems.

Interior Designer

Not many people realise it, but the job of interior designer comes under architecture too. This is also one of the more popular roles within the industry and again, would entail working from the start to the finish in the projects involved with. You would need to utilise all the good design ideas that filter through from the planning and design stages of a project, whether it be for commercial buildings, new residential properties or more original concepts that require a more creative touch and that push the envelope.

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