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Top Tips for Seeking a Job Abroad

With the jobs market the way it is currently, many people are finding that they are left with no alternative than to cast their net a little further when job-seeking and perhaps consider a move abroad in order to find work. It is not however a decision to take lightly since it would have an impact on every aspect of your life as well on your friends and family’s lives. If you are currently of the mindset that it might be an option for you, check out our Top Tips for Seeking a Job Abroad.

Just as with every aspect of the job seeking process, research is a must if you are considering working abroad. From the places that you could potentially go through to the types of jobs that you could do – it all must be researched in detail. Moving abroad for work can be a life changing experience for many so it’s important that you gather all the facts before you make the move. Thanks to the internet we all now have so much information at our disposal when researching. Whether you want to find out details of a particular local economy and its’ labour market stats or how many cinemas are in a town that you might move to, it’s all possible. Consider all aspects that are important to you and don’t leave anything to chance.

Know the legalities
Of course it’s not simply a matter of packing a bag and going. When you get there, will you be legally allowed to work? This is another area that requires lots of research, planning and action. For example, whilst all EU nationals can now work in another EU country without needing a work permit, in the US work visas are only given to people who have definite jobs to go to and in Australia and New Zealand there is a points system which determines whether or not visas are awarded. Since applying for visas can often take a long time, this is something you really need to consider well in advance of planning a trip. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office website provides details of all the legal requirements you would need to know.

Places to look
There are all sorts of places that you can look when seeking a job abroad. Many online job boards you currently use may have international options allowing you to search globally for vacancies, whilst there are also many local and national job boards all around the world. Also, consider signing up to the metasearch engine, Indeed for job alerts in the location of your choice.  Another thing to consider would be to look at employers that may already be familiar to you and see if they have international offices and if they have vacancies posted on their own websites. This can sometimes make the whole process easier since many companies like this often assist new employees with everything from visa applications through to finding accommodation.

Remember the Practicals
It’s important to remember that moving to another country on a permanent basis is not like going on a little holiday. Two weeks in a new city is very different to actually living and working there. Make sure you consider all the practical elements that matter. What is the culture like? Will you be able to fit in? Will you need to improve your language skills? Are there any obligations you must meet from a health point of view – essential vaccinations and the like? What is the cost of living like and how easy will it be to find somewhere to live? Finding the job may just be the first step, however there are a whole bunch of other practicalities which really can’t be ignored.

We hope that these basic tips go someway to helping you if seeking a job abroad is currently on your mind. Do let us know any other tips you feel we ought to have included in the comments section below.



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