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Turning Photography And Design Into A Career

Do you love to take pictures? Do you love to create artwork and designing things? Can you talk for hours about the values of one font versus another font? photographyHave you thought about taking these passions and turning them into a career? It isn’t as difficult as you might think. Here’s how to do it.

Start At the Beginning

You know that you love photography and art and design. That’s great! But a love for these things and a talent for these things is different than possessing the discipline for these things. This is why it is good to take some classes in each of the areas about which you feel passionate. Photography colleges are more affordable than they have ever been (some are even available online and allow you to do your coursework at your own pace) and having a degree in this or a related field adds to your credibility when you are applying for jobs or trying to attract customers in this arena.

 Practical Applications

One of the best ways to take these loves and turn them into a profitable career is to become a web designer. Web designers are always in demand and knowing how to design a good website is definitely a skill you want to possess. Even if your goal is to be a fine art photographer, knowing how to set up and design a good looking website for your work is important to your overall success. What’s more, taking on web design as a day job can be a great way to earn a lot of money to further your artistic dreams in your free time.

 Go Solo

A great way to start earning your way up the ladder of success in an artistic field like design or photography is to go freelance—at least for a little while. Create a website that shows off your talents and talks about your credentials (that degree we mentioned earlier) and then start advertising your services. Taking on freelance work is a great way to earn extra money and to build up a following that you can use to help you segue into a full time artistic career.

There are really easy ways to start building a following if this is the route you want to go:

• Put your designs up on Deviant Art under a creative commons and mention that you are available to take on commission based work

• Submit your photography to the Getty Collection on Flickr.

• Put your images up on Flickr under the Creative Commons share alike license (you don’t get paid when people use these but you do get credited which can help your portfolio and lead to paying work).

• Sell prints of your art or photos through Etsy.

If you put your mind to it and do the ground work, you have every reason to believe that you can take that passion for photography and design and turn it into a full time income for yourself.




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