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‘What entrepreneurship means to me’ – Rajeeb Dey, CEO, Enternships.com talks up Global Entrepreneurship Week….

What entrepreneurship means to me – Rajeeb Dey, CEO, Enternships.com


At the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week, a week where we hope to inspire thousands of potential entrepreneurs, I’ve been thinking about how I started and why I decided to start enternships.com…

When I was young I thought I wanted to be a Doctor, mainly because I come from a family of medics! My first real experience in the world of entrepreneurship was when I was 17 and I launched a national organisation for school students – the English Secondary Students’ Association (ESSA). This gave me the opportunity and experience of dealing with the media, politicians, and senior decision makers. It also made me realise the importance of having a strong network and making sure you meet as many people as possible and share your ideas and thoughts with anyone who will listen.

To be honest, at the time I didn’t realise what I was doing was effectively being an entrepreneur – I was just doing something I felt needed to be done and it was something I was passionate about. It was only after people started to label me as an ‘entrepreneur’ that I began to reflect that this was something I wanted to do with my life.

I set up enternships.com with very much the same rationale as ESSA. As a student at the University at Oxford I realised that whilst campus was full of opportunities for aspiring bankers, lawyers and accountants in blue-chip firms there were no paths for students that wanted a more entrepreneurial career in startups and SME’s, or in fact help for students who wanted to pursue their own business and need experience. I set up enternships.com and we now serve thousands of businesses and students throughout the world.

Entrepreneurial companies and people are full dynamism, ideas and potential. Where there exists challenge or a gap in the market, an entrepreneur will find a way to create connections, remove blockers and grow enterprise.  Despite the fact we currently live in unstable economic times, up and down the country this week, hundreds of events will be held to bring entrepreneurs together and create new ideas, new connections and ultimately new businesses.  For me that is what entrepreneurship is all about: No matter how big the problem, the entrepreneur will always build a better solution.

Rajeeb and enternships.com are hosting a Global Entrepreneurship Party on Tuesday 15th November, please see http://enternshipsparty.eventbrite.co.uk/event/2395950352 for more details.

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