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6 ways to become more employable in 2015

As we reach the end of 2014 and we look back on the jobs market in 2014 – one thing is for sure – it’s been okay.

In previous years we’ve written similar “How to become more employable” articles and indeed we may / or may not repeat some of the key themes we’ve previously featured outlined.

However whilst 2011 was ‘dire’ for most job seekers and 2012 and 2013 just rather ‘meh’, our summary of the jobs market in 2014 is just ‘okay’. It’s getting better – but there is still lots still to do to get back to the pre-recession jobs market.

So without further ado – we list our ‘new year’s resolutions’ of the big or small things you might want to do in 2015 to become more employable. So in no particular order….

Work out your weaknesses

It kind of makes sense, but if you are not totally employable (part of an exclusive 5%-ish club of the population*) then work out what skills, and job talents you could do with brushing up on. It might be good old chestnuts like interview unemploymentskills, or job applications, or simply that in your current job you are altogether fed up – this after all can have an effect on your ability to be deemed employable for other jobs. Or it could be that your skills and talents, whilst fantastic, are not altogether in demand in 2014 / 2015. But first things first, work this out and of course from there you can work out what things you can improve on. *ish

Get business-like on social media

Businesses like candidates to be able to not only use social media, but understand the power that social media channels can have in running / promoting a business. That doesn’t mean simply tweeting about your cat, or what you have for breakfast, but using social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc) to come across as an all round good candidate and one that comments on and understands the industry or job sector that they wish to be employed in.

Blogging 16Start a Blog

Leading on from this – the easiest way to use social media, is to have a blog and then use your social media channels to share your blog content / articles. Again, employers (on the whole) like to see proactive and thoughtful job applicants. They want to see candidates that not only understand their craft, but talk about it, write about and perhaps live and breathe it. Of course, a regularly updated blog, that includes good and sharable content, is a good way of showing an employer that you actually do talk the talk and walk the walk, not just write about it on your CV.

Learn to Code

Coding is no-longer the new skill it would be nice for you to learn. It is the “learn Chinese language” of the millennial generation – hence – it you learn to code and you are ever stuck for a job, the chances are you will find one within a tech business, even if it is just a short term solution for you. Coders are in demand and until they outsrip that demand – there should be jobs going around for the many, not just the few. Coders that is.

Get more Work Experience

Simple. If you are currently at University and thinking that your degree will ‘sort you out’ with a job, post-graduation, potentially think again. Unless your degree is vocational, then chances are that your degree will be a helpful aid in you finding employment, but it won’t likely be the be all and end all. If you can find a degree that also offers you work placement temporary workexperience, a work experience semester, or some kind of “head to the States” opportunity for a year – take it. Work experience means that your CV, alongside the 20 or 30 other grad CVs in front of an employer, will stand out.

Start your own Business

Again pretty simple. Apparently, approx 1 in 5 graduates would consider self employment after University. It makes sense, because during the last recession, self-employment rose steadily as job opportunities and Grad schemes decreased. Put bluntly, if you can’t find yourself a job, or you feel you ain’t that employable, there is always the option of creating one for yourself.

And finally – Good luck for 2015, whatever you do!  


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