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What to prepare when using a Recruitment Agency

What to prepare when using a Recruitment Agency…

If you want to get something out of using a recruitment agency, you need to prepare to take some time to consider what you will also put in to the process. Working out what to prepare when using a recruitment agency, will stand you in good stead for what can be a good chance of finding employment. So with this in mind, here are a few of our top tips to help you out along the way…

Your expectations and Requirements

On this occasion, the expectations of the recruitment agency itself, is off the hook. This is the time, before you meet or even speak to recruitment agencies that you need to work out, just what it is that you are looking to achieve. Are you looking for a temporary assignment to earn a bit of cash, or are you looking for a long-term and permanent position that is good for your career? What are your expectations on salary, benefits of work, distance you would be prepared to travel, and the expectations you would have on the job itself and the workplace you would work in? Just as important, what are the minimum requirements that you have as a job seeker, that you are not prepared to negotiate on? Even better, as you are most likely to be asked these questions face to face with a recruitment consultant, get your answers down on paper so that you are prepared well in advance and know your own answers.

Your CV

You cannot change the type of education and work experience that you have, but you can make sure that the presentation and language you use on your CV, gives you the credit you hopefully deserve. If you turn up to a recruitment agency with a half-baked attempt at a CV, or a few scribbles on a piece of paper (We have plenty of articles on writing CV’s) don’t expect to get very far if you don’t take this part of the recruitment process seriously.

Your Presentation

Now we are not talking about your personal features here. However this is where you need to consider how you can present and represent yourself in a good light – in fact the best light possible. This is where you need to consider how you might answer those typical interview questions, how you come across in person, your ability to make a good 1st impression, that you wear a nice suit, and that you are taking this part of the process seriously. Having a good CV might mean nothing, if you cannot present yourself well in person when face to face in a recruitment agency meeting.

Your Commitment

You always hear of complaints about recruitment agencies and their commitment to their candidates. But this is the point where you as a candidate also need to outline your commitment from the very start. From experience, I know only too well about candidates suddenly no longer returning calls, not answering emails, or not committing to, or cancelling an interview that was arranged for them. Commitment from both the candidate (you) and the consultant is required if you are to have a successful relationship with a recruitment agency. If you decide against a job interview or job offer, or decide against using a recruitment agency full stop, commit to having the decency to at least let them know!

We hope these ‘recruitment agency’ tips help – please comment below if you have other suggestions to add to the above…

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