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5 Ways to Improve your Job Networking

Looking for a job is no longer just a matter of checking out the job ads in the local paper – these days it’s a much more complex affair and if you’re serious in your quest to find a job, you’ll be no doubt doing all that you can to reach your goal and get hired! One of the best ways handshaketo help that happen is by networking, although admittedly it’s the one area that many jobseekers dislike most of all. That needn’t be the case though, provided a little planning and effort is put in. Here are 5 Ways to Improve your Job Networking that should help.

Use your existing contacts

You may assume that the people that you know well – your friends and family – are already aware that you are looking for a job. However, that may not be the case – never assume! Let people know that you are on the lookout for a job or a new job if you’re already working. After all, your own network of contacts will in turn each have their own networks of contacts where they can help spread the word about your job search and perhaps find out about opportunities you may otherwise never hear about.

Attend events

Whether you attend job fairs, local business events or meetups, the benefit will be the same. You will be meeting like-minded people, potential employers or new acquaintances who all could assist you in your search for employment. As long as you use these events properly by engaging and interacting with people in a professional manner, you should start to see some rewards. Keep an eye out in your local press, on social media sites and even sites like Meetups to see what is happening in your area and start attending the events that could benefit you most.

Be active on social media

Of course networking in real life is essential, but these days it’s vital on social media too. Strengthen your online presence – engage and interact with employers, recruiters and people of note in your market sector. Join groups on LinkedIn or Facebook that are relevant to your career or profession. Don’t just be an observer or a lurker though – be active – communicate with others and always remain professional in all that you say and do.

Maintain connections

To an extent we’re probably all a little guilty of not doing this. However, it is something that we should all make an effort at improving. Rather than losing contact with former colleagues or classmates or university pals, try to stay in touch ( with some of them of course!) It’s true to say that you never know when your paths could cross again. That former colleague you once worked alongside could have become a hiring manager – that former classmate could have started their own business. Stay connected to people and you never know what opportunities could arise. Also, it makes things much easier than if you were to suddenly get in touch after years of no contact asking for their help in finding a job!

Diversify your contacts

Don’t make the mistake of connecting only with people in your own industry or career. Broaden your horizons somewhat by diversifying the types of people you connect and network with. If you’re at an event, don’t just speak to the people you already know – get to know new people too. Ask other people for introductions if you’re a little shy about doing this. You never know what opportunities you could find out about if you simply adopted a more direct and proactive approach.

Got any other suggestions for Improving your Job Networking? Why not let us know via the comments section below…


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