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5 Ways to be Proactive when Job Seeking

It’s tough out there if you’re looking for a job and the longer your job search goes on, the more frustrating and perhaps soul destroying the whole process can be. networking1It’s at times like this however – the more challenging times, that it’s even more important to go that extra step and put even more effort into securing that elusive job. With that in mind, here are 5 Ways to be Proactive when Job Seeking that should certainly help.


If you are lacking in practical work experience or you simply want to develop new skills or get the opportunity to use your existing skills, then volunteering is one of the best options. Filling the gaps in your employment history by undertaking volunteering will go a long way towards enhancing your employability in the eyes of potential employers. Check out websites such as Do-it to check out what volunteering opportunities exist where you are. Volunteering can also often lead to paid job opportunities so never assume that it won’t.


Networking can be one of the most effective ways of identifying and discovering potential job opportunities. Whether it’s through attending networking events or online through social networking, it can be invaluable. Plan your networking so that you engage directly with potential employers or recruiters or people who can in turn help you make those connections. The more you network, the more effective you will become at it and obviously the more you are likely to have success.

Use your connections

Never underestimate the value of the connections that you already have. Think about your friends, family or former work colleagues – they all have connections too that you could potentially link into. Make sure that the people that you know are aware that you are looking for a job. They may be able to signpost you directly to other people who are hiring or potentially hiring.

Make Speculative Applications

It’s imperative if you’re job-seeking that you take things into your own hands. Don’t simply rely on jobs to be advertised – go out there and find out about vacancies before they are advertised. How? Well it’s quite simple. Contact employers on a speculative basis, sending a strong cover letter, a tailored CV and basically pitch yourself. Make potential employers aware of your existence and sell your skills and your experience to them. After all, many vacancies get filled every week that never get featured on job boards or sites.

Cover all bases

Being proactive in your job search also means using all the tools at your disposal in order to get results. In essence that means, registering with job boards, developing relationships with recruitment agencies, applying speculatively, networking – the works. If you are to optimise your chances of getting a job, you’ll need to ensure that you are doing all these things. By limiting your job search activities to only one or a few of these areas, you are seriously hindering your opportunities. So covering all bases is an absolute must.

We hope that by highlighting 5 Ways to be proactive when job seeking, we’ve helped a little. Got any other tips that you’d like to share? Why not let us know via the comments below…


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