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6 Ways to Grow your Finance Business

If you have a business in the financial sector – you will of course know it’s a competitive market so it’s critical that you are doing all you can to outshine your competitors and make your mark.  If you are a fairly new company – this is even more crucial.  Here, we have listed some ways that you can grow your finance business to generate more revenue.


People underestimate the power of networking and making solid connections.  Networking events allow you to meet likeminded professionals – and build relationships.  When you have created that rapport with them, they will then be more likely to share their contact sphere too – so you have a much wider pool of connections that may need your services.  If you are looking to speak to particular companies or individuals, often you get the chance to ask your peers if they would introduce you.  To be successful at networking, bringing business cards that stand out is essential.  Make sure it’s something that they will all remember.

Exhibit at Conferences

There are lots of conferences around the UK that would be perfect for companies within the financial sector to exhibit at.  This could open you up to a whole world of new connections that could be potential companies.  Often at these types of conferences, there is the opportunity for you to get additional exposure with a speaking slot where you can educate people on a certain element of your business or industry trends to give them a better idea as to what you do.

Work on your Digital Marketing Strategy

All businesses need to work on their digital marketing strategy in this day in age in order to compete.  It’s something that is critical to business growth.  Once you have your website up and running – you want to make sure there are leads being generated through it, so it becomes a steady source of revenue for you.  SEO is one of the key ways to do this and you can enlist the help of an agency if you’re stuggling to do it yourself. You can even find agencies that specialise in SEO for finance which will provide you with more targeted assistance. They can help you to find related keywords that you should be ranking for.  That way, when prospective customers are searching for your type of product or service online – you can outrank your competitors.  With an effective SEO strategy, you could find yourself going from very little traffic to hundreds of thousands within months.

Once you are getting that organic traffic to the site – you need to ensure that they are turning into actual leads.  This is where analysis comes into play.  If there aren’t enough people contacting you once they get to your site – you can drill down on the action they are taking – and see if there is anything you can do to improve.

Outdoor Advertising Campaigns

Outdoor advertising is a more traditional form of advertising, however still incredibly effective.  You can get great deals on advertising space, and effectively your branding will be there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until your payment period is over.  Before purchasing, get an idea of the footfall in the particular areas, and ensure that there is likely to be people from your target demographic walking by.   The only thing with outdoor advertising campaigns is that it can be difficult to measure the success once complete.

Sponsor an Event

Getting brand exposure is a must when looking to grow your business – and sponsoring an event is a great way to do that.  You could look to sponsor local business events in your area, or else you could even sponsor a charity event.  This is not only good to get your business out there – but also important for corporate and social responsibility.  It could be that you as a business have a charity that is close to your heart, and the likelihood is that they will host some kind of fundraising or dinner event to raise awareness.  Get involved and make sure you let people know you are supporting it.

Advertise in Publications

There are lots of local business directories that you could pay to be featured in.  Do you have a local paper that comes through the door?  Are there finance specific publications that you could get involved in?  Often online and offline publications have a media pack that you can download or request where you can see what the distribution levels are, who they are likely to reach and perhaps some previous case studies of other companies who have used that service.  If the publication offers both online and offline options, try and negotiate a deal with them in terms of placement and advertising space.  Typically, you can always get a better offer than what’s displayed on a media pack.

If you are looking to grow your finance business – then hopefully these tips will help you on your way to generating more leads and revenue.



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